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04-09-2012, 10:13 AM
I wanted to share some of what has been going on for me, with only the intention of maybe it will help someone. I'm not a doctor, just giving advice because I've been around this for a long time and I know how it feels.
I'll just bang off a little of my story and what has helped me.

I am 43 years old and started propecia way back, many years ago.

I remember the first time I saw my hair thinning, back when I was 19 and I opened my sunroof and could see my temples and the part in my hair.
I remember in my early 20's to mid 20's, I walked into a store and my friend was behind me and he said to me " wow, your getting a bald spot in the back"
I also remember taking my hat off one sunny day and shaking my head to fluff my hair up and a friend saw me and said " your going bald"

Back in those days I kept my hair king of long on top and really worked hard to hide my thinning but was also absolutely was in a panic, you could have told me to rub crap in my hair and I would have, to save it.
Well I tried many different things and spent a ton of money from anyone who had something that could help. I studied the crap out of hair-loss, whatever book or internet site or whatever, counting hairs that were coming out in the shower, the pull test, everything.

The thing I noticed was my scalp was tight, and I would regularly put my hands on the sides of my head, above my ears and push up, to loosen it.
I would also try to get blood to my head by inverting.

When I started on the med's it was proscar, a 1/4 piece at night before bed.
I remember after a few days or a week or so, my scalp was totally lose when I would massage it.

I had learnt that hair goes through a 100 day cycle so I kept track of the days and watched my hair.

I remember after the first 100 days feeling like it was working but later, I went into a huge panic, I didn't know but at the time I was in a shed phase. My panic caused me to start to take all kinds of other things, saw plamento, zinc etc etc. Well all the stuff just shut down my libido.
Long story short, It wasn't coming back so I had to cut the dose to .25 propecia.

After I reached 200 days, my hair was growing back, my temples were thickening and my spot in the back grew in. It got better and better and I went back to a normal life, just taking a 1/4 propecia before bed every day. Was amazing. Here I was totally over doing it, taking all kinds of things but in the end, .25 propecia per day was all I needed.

After years I started to notice my temples a little more thin, the top of my hair not as thick. I think I let it go or didn't take it a serious as I should of because it just started to get worse till the panic was starting to come back.
Now I'm 43 so this kind of panic doesn't get me like it did when I was younger. So I started to read this forum and see what was going on and I found that upping the dose can help. Well I fumbled around with 1/2 propecia and probably waited too long at that dose cause it didn't help at all, then 1mg and it didn't do anything. I added minoxidil 5% and nothing was working. I also started the head massage and inverting and my scalp seemed tight again.

Finally I went back to proscar 1/4 tablet and within days or in the first week, my scalp loosened right up. I thought I was home free and got lazy with the minoxidil and with head massage etc. because at my 100 days I was very pleased, I wasn't back to where I was before but it was better.

6 Weeks before my 200th day, the shed started again and wow did it shed. My temples went so far back and my hair in the front was so thin. The shower had hair, the pull test always had hair, shaking my head put hair in the sink.
Panic tried again but I just didn't let it, I remembered to watch and wait for my 200 days and now the last week has been so great for me. I can see little hairs in the temples and my hair just feels more thick... I really believe I'll have very good success again, even at 43 and being on this drug for so long.

So I guess I just want to offer to anyone some keys that worked for me;

Check how tight your scalp is? Massage it as often as you can. Massage or move your scalp and forehead with your hands to keep it lose. If it's tight and your on propecia, could be you need to up the dose a little. That did the trick for me.
Invert 2 times a day after you massage your head, once in the morning and again in the night. I just go to the couch, put my shoulders on the edge and my feet up in the air against the wall.
Keep track of your hair by every 100 days.
I believe to only take finasteride at night, or best results if taken at night and I prefer to have not eaten for a couple of hours before I take it.

04-09-2012, 10:33 AM
Thanks for sharing. So exactly how many years have you been on propecia?
15 yrs?

04-09-2012, 02:36 PM
Thanks for sharing. So exactly how many years have you been on propecia?
15 yrs?

The truth I'm not even sure anymore...
I started on prosar, maybe about 10-12 years ago..
I remember listening to Spencer when he first came out, back then it was through the telephone.. I even called in once while in my panic stage.

In my 20's I was taking a supplement that I got from the UK
It had all kinds of DHT blockers in it..

It worked great for me in the beginning and helped me hold what I had till I got on the proscar.