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04-05-2012, 12:15 AM
This whole post is out of my blog.

As I left my house I was reminded by the “what if” dreams I had last night. Whenever you know you are going into something that could change your life you get this feeling.

The “what ifs” are all about if it ends bad, if I am scarred or will anyone notice. But I get myself into the car and my dad beings the drive to Dr Woods clinic.

45 minutes later and some early morning traffic we get to the clinic. I get out, and say good bye to my dad, he says everything will be alight, do not stress.
Dr Woods comes in a little after my arrival and we just chat, his team realises I am nervous and advises me not to worry, that I am in good hands. I start to calm down. We do a short video interview that I request for my own doco, and then we start with the hair cut.

As I am only getting 500 grafts, instead of the 1000 as I missed my op yesterday, Dr Woods needs to make a decision on how he is going to rebuild my hair. We decided just to look in the mid section first then rebuild the hair line in a later date. The reason for this it would look stupid to have my hairline thicker then the middle.

Step 1:
+ Get my hair cut in the donor area – Both Dr Woods and I joke about his haircutting skills.

Step 2: Time 3 hrs (my hair follicles are not straight so it takes longer to extract out)
+ I take a Valium to clam me down.
+ Aesthetics is injected to numb the donor area
+ Dr Woods starts taking the donor hair out one by one while I lie face down on the operating table
+ The best thing was I got to see each of the follicles taken out by looking at a tv monitor its called MODE. It is very fascinating to see it all happen in front of you. You get to see each follicles taken out.
+ At this point I am feeling fine. Drugs are still in me but no real pain

Step 3:
Rest & Lunch – My stomach at this point needs to food. The aesthetics has given my stomachs craps.

Step 4: (3 hours)
+ Movie time! We put on some funny movies to watch as we start to implant the donor hair into spot.
+ Dr Woods creates the hair line that we are going to achieve with the 500 grafts. Its pretty much a mohawk look.
Once again I am able to see through the monitor each hair being implanted.
+ By the end of 2.5 hours I feel a little pain, more like a tender skin area keeps getting pinched which it is. I take a pain killer for that and the pain goes away.

My dad drops in and he can also see some of the procedure.
We finish at around 7pm. But we started at 10.30am.
Its a long day and i am happy that i can leave the chair.

Overall Experience:
+ Dr Woods was there the whole time and there was no other person helping him.
+ Dr Woods made me feel comfortable and was very professional the whole time.
+ He chatted to me like a friend and we had plenty of jokes. We shared stories and he made me feel like I was in good hands.
+ He took a lot of care putting in each hair in and taking it out. He was patient even though he had to rush as he was going away the next day for the Easter break.
+ From my experience of the day I would recommend him & if anyone has any questions I am more then happy to answer them. As for the results it will take time to see that.

One thing I would say is getting 500 grafts is enduring on the body, am I am somewhat glad that tomorrow I do not need to do another 500 grafts.

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04-05-2012, 08:06 AM
Thanks for sharing bro. Nice story. Good luck with the growth !!

04-05-2012, 03:35 PM
Thank bro for the comment. Means someone is actually reading it.