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04-02-2012, 07:20 AM
Hello world

I am almost 21 now and since 2 years i cant run my fingers through my hair without losing 10-15 strands of hair. Also when i take a shower and dry my hair with a towel i sometimes see 30-40 strands on the bathroom floor. But when I go for a swim and dry my hair (without using shampoo) i cant find a single hair on the ground, this kinda confuses me.

Since I was a little child I've always had thick and alot of hair and to be honest there isn't any visible hairloss when you look at me. You probably wonder why i am posting here then, well, since 2 months i can see my hair is disappearing in the corners of my scalp. Too give you an idea, i have a little birthmark in that area and 1 year ago this was barely visible behind my hair. Now you can see it very clearly and the hair around it is disappearing. Now this is worrying me because i am only 20.
Someone I know who is a doctor told me it's beginning baldness but that I shouldnt worry because it's a sign of virility.. I couldnt care less about his comforts because i don't want to lose my hair at the peak of my life.

Also my father started losing his hair only at age 50, he also lost alot of hair after showering and had a lot of hair, and in my mother's family baldness started very late too

It is possible that i worry too much and that i should care about things when they are there, but this has been the main subject of my thoughts lately wether i want it or not..

Anyone had/has the same thing? Because i really want to clear this out

I also apologize for my bad English, as it is not my main language


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04-13-2012, 11:28 PM
Hi Salitek,
We loose app 100 hairs a day and you notice these most during showers, drying your hair, on your pillow in the morning or if you run your hand through your hair.

Unless your hand is covered in hairs - you cannot say much about your hairloss by looking at lost hair. Take a few pictures of your hairline, vertex (mid scalp) and the crown and post them here, cover your eyes or just take a picture of your head only - anonymously and you will get an objective view from the people on here.

Google Norwood hairloss scale and look at the levels and see if you have starting hairloss.

Worrying for sure does not help and if you stress too much about it - it makes it worse.

Take it easy, read around this forum, do the above points and you will know soon enough if there is something to worry about, till then relax.