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03-28-2012, 07:59 AM
I am new to this forum and i am now 8 days postop from my hair transplant
by Dr Feriduni in Belgium.

shall update story and photo's soon.

03-28-2012, 10:14 AM
I hope they upload ok. :confused:

03-28-2012, 10:38 AM
well i arrived at brussels airport and i was piucked up by the arranged taxi
by the clinic and i was on took to my hotel in hasselt the journey was about
50mins to 1hour, i checked in and went to my room and had shower and sleep
for few hours, i had pre op consultation with DR Feriduni at 4pm that day and
he went through the hairline design and what i thought about it.

He examined my head and hair and he said i have good doner hair and that
my scalp laxity is very good. so all was set up and he gave me a sleeping pill
for the night ahead so i get decent rest. but before i slept i went walking around hasselt and got some food for next day as i did not want go out
of my room after the FUT op.
so i came back from walking around hasselt and then had a meal at the hotel restaruant afterwards i went to my room had quick wash took my pill and watched tv till i was sleepy.

Next moring i woke up at 6.30am i got dresses and had breakfast at 7am and the taxi to the clinic arrived at 7.45am to be there at 8am to see dr Feriduni.
the taxi fare this time was on the clinic.

so i was shown my personal room for the day and got changed into blue clinic wear and we went throught the procedure again.

a nurse came to get me and i was taken to the operation room and i sat upright on the chair to be giving inection, and on drip.
Dr feriduni came in and started to give me the anesthetics in the back of my head to numb me up for the strip to be taking. they did not hurt me only a little sting, so he he took the strip and i felt no pain at all.
then i was sutured up and bandaged well.

next was a little break before he gave me more anesthetic into my front scalp to numb me for the incisions. the injections into the front scalp did sting alot but the sting did not last long.

after awhile all was done but in the same time the nurses were taking my hairs fromthe doner strip area for preperation.

i went on a break for 20mins before i had to go back in for the transplantation of hairs. i felt nothing as the nurses implanted them into my scalp, every 15 mins or so dr Feriduni came in to check and see is all ok with me.

after the procedure i got my head washed by a nurse and she gave me my after pack and instructions and a taxi took me to hotel from the clinic.

i was at the clinic from 8am and i got to my hotel room just about 5pm.
then i rested sitting upright even when i had to sleep.

next day i went back to the clinic by arranged taxi at 8am for check up and hair wash.

i was meant to have 2500 but i was giving 2700 grafts. i am now 8 days post op and
nothing fall out yet but i still have scabs. all my face swelling is gone after lasting 5 days.