View Full Version : Tim Lovejoy (UK)

03-26-2012, 01:30 AM
Being an avid spotter of 'celebs' that maywell be losing their hair, Tim Lovejoy was a guy i was keen on keeping an eye on, as he has diffuse thinning and has steadily been losing his hair over the past few years, more so the last few months.

I was dissapointed to hear Something for the Weekend (sorry nonUK guys) was finishing, but then pleased to hear Sunday Brunch starting up just so's i could keep an eye on his scalp, what an odd bunch we are!

...he even mentioned his lack of thickness on the first Sunday Brunch this weekend (25.03.12).

Anyone else notice his thinning?
How do you think he'll cope, TV personality balding, hasn't worked out before for some?
Hair concealer user?
Can't have two bald presenters on one show (Simon Rimmer being the other)?

I am in no way taking the pi55 out of thinning celebs, please don't get me wrong, i simply use celebs as a guide for my thinning etc, i'm pretty far from ever taking the pi55 out of mine, there's and anyone elses hairloss situation.