View Full Version : Opinions on recomended hair length for h/t?

03-25-2012, 01:44 PM
Due to get h/t end of april and would like the opinion on best hair length to have just before procedure and after to minimise the h/t visually?

03-25-2012, 06:04 PM
I left it long (about 2-3 inches) to help minimise the visibility but this became too messy when trying to apply the polysporin to the scar etc. It was driving me insane so I just cut (besides the recipient area) to a number 3 guard with the clippers at around day 17 from memory. Made it look so much better and felt a hell of a lot better too.

After going through it all I would just recommend going about a guard 3-4 with the clippers and wear a cap as much as you can until at least the 3 week mark. At this time the grafts will have grown to a reasonable length and you can cut the remaining hair to a similar length to blend it all in. I went to work after 3 weeks and just applied toppik to the shockloss area around the scar. This worked fine and everyone was none the wiser.

I'm at the 3 month mark and keep it at around number 4 guard. Works well for me.

03-26-2012, 02:15 AM
i agree with dream big--keep it fairly short as it will be easier to treat the donor area. shock loss may occur--i experienced it. it's a pain in the ass but the hair does grow back. depending on whether or not you use rogaine, i would hold off for about 1-2 weeks before reapplying so as not to aggravate either the donor or transplant area. depending on what your ht doc tells you, i would adivse you start gently shampooing and cleaning your hair at about two to three days post op--use a ph neutral shampoo and just do your best to keep the transplanted area clean and healthy. wearing a ball cap is a good idea so long as it does not put pressure on the transplanted area. i am 11 months post op and am very pleased--i had 2,500 grafts transplanted. the pain right after the procedure is minimal but in the following days the discomfort vacillates--take your meds if you have pain and do what you can to prevent swelling. good luck.

03-26-2012, 05:37 AM
Sounds like some good sound advice, cheers fella's. 3/4 pre op was my thinking too. Back to work 10 days later but my job involves wearing a hat which is a touch. It's good to know that I could be ok to get it cut after 3 weeks to help 'even' my hair out. Don't really want ppl knowing iv had h/t and believe with my hair type i could prob get away with it happenning gradually. Good luck you 2 for the remainder of post op, sounds like it's goin well for you both.