View Full Version : CIT results on class 3v potential class 5 - No strip (FUT) scars! - John Cole, MD

04-01-2009, 08:57 AM
This is an excellent result of a 38 year old male, who began as a classic class 3-Vertex, potential V. At age 35, the wanted to fill in the recessions, redefine the frontal hairline, and give some light coverage to the thinning crown. The patient suffered progressive hair loss during this period of time, which, in retrospect, would probably have him at about a class V had he not undergone the CIT procedure. We constantly tell our patients "HAIR LOSS CAN BE PROGRESSIVE! This is a good study case for demonstrating different philosophies about hair transplant surgery. Between early 2004 and late 2005, the patient had three smaller procedures, which together accounted for 4800 grafts, all via CIT technique. Each time the patient came to us, we noticed progression of the hair loss, mostly manifesting as loss behind the frontal forelock (the "C"-shaped pattern so common with class III's as the recessions move back and centrally), and also widening of the crown loss. Eventually, the middle third on top was beginning to go, too. This gentleman is a good example of a pattern which is not uncommon. The hair loss is not aggressive early on (teens and twenties) and may not manifest at all until later in life (30's or even 40's), but may progress relatively rapidly to a class V.

CIT is a harvesting technique in which single follicular units are extracted and placed intact into the recipient area (balding area). The single extraction of each individual follicle is the common similarity shared by CIT and FUE. CIT allows patients to wear short hair styles and avoid the linear scar associated with strip (FUT) hair transplant method. Please visit www.forhair.com for more information on CIT.