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Still deciding
03-20-2012, 05:20 PM
Greetings: Been following forums and doing research for quite a few years. 37, white male, been receding at temporal areas since about 24. Been using Proscar, Rogaine, and Nizoral (although haven't seen it in any stores in a while?) for past 13 years. Definitely arrested the loss and actually regrew some at temples. However, noticing deeper recessions in past year so finally decided to go for consults with Dr. Epstein, Dr. Charles, Dr. Rassman, and Dr. Ron Shapiro. Shapiro was only a phone consult with Matt Z. I don't think I can go wrong with any of them, and they all suggested pretty much the same amount of work - between 800 to 1100 grafts to the temporal area. I'm between a Norwood 2-3. I'm only interested in FUE, as I keep my hair very short on the sides and back. I've researched the heck out of the procedures, my options, etc and want to finally make a decision about a doctor. Any unbiased suggestions from the forum? Thanks...

03-21-2012, 12:17 AM
How far are you willing to travel for treatment? I hear Dr. Limmer down here in San Antonio is a magician with FUE, and his prices are VERY reasonable. Haven't been to him for a transplant but the reviews say he's good.

09-21-2012, 06:26 PM
I've had two HT surgeries. One at one of the areas most popular HT surgeons and one at Dr. Charles.
Here are the comparisons :

SUPER POPULAR DOCTOR - Super confident- Arrogant
"No one will be able to detect the grafts etc etc etc"
1- Had a very unprofessional saleswoman act seductive and flattering
2-Scheduled at least 1, possibly 2 HT surgeries going on with mine.
3-Saleswoman brought me a revised contract after I was high on vallium
4-1 doctor and 2 techs with jewelers visors
5-No follow up phone call from doctor
6-No way in hell that I got 2100 grafts. The time/manpower math is impossible
7-It was so detectable when wet that it was textbook dollhead hair. Laughably detectable.
8- It was so detectable when dry that my buddy's 13 year old stepdaughter outed me in line at Disney World ! At night !


Dr. Charles - A low key, VERY SCIENTIFIC, modest guy who knows a ton about HT surgery.

1- No saleswoman throwing some line of nonsense about my future looks
2- Dr. Charles does the entire assessment and explains the options
3- My surgery was 90% done when patient #2 got started
4- Nobody sought to modify the contract but Dr Charles installed over 150 grafts at no extra charge because he had them and he doesnt nickle and dime
5- Dr Charles and 8 techs swarmed me in an operating room with 4 state of the art microscopes being operated by 4 of those techs under his supervision.
6-The techs were so conscientious but maintained humor so I stayed calm.
7- The receptionist was one of the most pleasant people I ever met.
8- Dr. Charles called me the night of the surgery and called me back to answer more questions a week later.
9- After Dr Charles and his staff were done, the density of my grafts is nearly like my non transplanted hairs. And it is now very hard to detect. Id say impossible.
10- His fee was not the cheapest but I got a much better HT procedure.
11- The only down side is that now I am alot more sure that the 2100 I paid for from Dr Fantastic was not what I actually got.

If you're considering a HT surgery, shop around but make sure you don't get sucked in by the hype of big money advertizing. Give Dr. Charles a call and go in for a good, honest evaluation and treatment plan.