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03-20-2012, 04:14 AM
Hey, I am a 21 year old male, I noticed hair loss a bit over a year ago. Bought saw palmetto crap that I dont think it did too much then turned to minoxidil, after taking it i noticed increase hair loss so I got scared and went and saw Ashley & Martin (similar to advanced hair studios (im from australia))... i like to think of myself being pretty intelligent guy and my experience at ashley and martin turned my right off it, and I would now highly recommend that nobody goes there, pretty sure its a scam unless we are talking hair transplant, but basically had the meeting and the guy was a jerk and saw through this salespersons 'bullsh#t' and scare tactics and left and organised a doctor appointment to get some propecia.

At this time I read up a great deal on the hair loss topic and at this point I would consider myself fairly Knowledgable thanks to sites such as this so I expected the initial shedding on finasteride (which was emotionally painfull) and after this time the shedding subsided and I actually got comments such as your hair looks much thicker and so forth. I am about to finish my 6th month on propecia and only in the last few weeks I noticed miniturized hairs in my temples so I purchased Kirkland Minoxidil 5% and I am not sure if it is the brand (has good reviews) or the expected shedding but from a centimetre or so of smaller and thinner hairs has now turned into a few inches of smaller and weaker hairs in the temples and this is obviously deeply concerning, as just a month ago I was getting comments about how my hair looked thick and then on the weekend I heard someone say to me that I am receding. i am going to organise an appointment with a dermatologist next week and hopefully they can shed some light on the topic as I have realised my current gp knows little about anything medical unless it is sports injuries (why is he a gp??? dunno)

For the record my aims of taking drugs and being so concerned over my hairloss is mostly due to my age, I only know a handfull of people who are thinning out so dramatically at my age and its a bit off a cliche on here but I have gone through my teens as a fit surfy guy who has always done pretty well with girls and over the past 6 or so months I have just become so concerned with it and the affect it can possibly have on my confidence as I think being noticeably balding at 22 would be very unattractive, come late 20's and i'll have to accept it, shave my head and just focus on my career and hopefully a family but I'm just really hoping these meds or something else can give me a few years buffer.

Well thats my essay, feel free to list your previous/current experiences, guideance, advice or knowledge, it would be greatly appreciated.