View Full Version : Getting a Fue than shaving my hair short

03-16-2012, 06:16 PM
I'm 24 and have a receding hairline and my hair has been thinning in the middle for the past two years but I usually just cut it at a number 0 and you cant tell. I was curious if I tried to bring my hairline back to where it used to be could I cut the new hairs down to a zero? or would it look weird

03-17-2012, 06:32 AM
If you go to a top FUE doc and get dense packing (above 60 grafts per sqcm) in the hairline you might be able to cut it down to a grade 2 maybe even a 1. Do not see the logic of getting a HT and cut it with a zero clipper as almost same as shaving is it not?

I have seen a patient from a top clinic cut down to a 1 - looked great - he had 1300 FUE in the hairline.

What is your norwood hairloss type (how much have you receded)?

04-08-2012, 05:22 AM
As with any procedure I have been told by my own doctor that you must have a fair expectation that there may be some white dots at the back.

I would say if you had your HT done you probably would end up growing you hair long.

If you do decided to go through with it remember that you will probably when your 60 lose all your hair and you do not want to use all your donor hair just at the front.

I just got a FUE HT so if you have any questions just ask. I will give you the best I know from reading the forum and my own procedure. i am only 5 days in so I can not tell you much about results.

04-09-2012, 01:15 PM
Some patients with very light and fair complexions (skin tone) can be more susceptible to lingering redness. In other words, the dots can appear more red than white on patients with a more fair complexion.

Those "white dots" can appear more "whitish" against a more darker complexion or pigmentation.