View Full Version : 10 years of hairloss....

03-10-2012, 05:15 PM
Hello all,
I have been reading this and other forums for a long time but have rarely posted. I started losing hair when I was 19. I dealt with the jokes from friends and opted to hang on to whatever resemblance of a hairline I could with all sorts of treatments. I recently had a HT procedure with Dr Brad Limmer in Texas to restore my hairline and although I have a long time to see results, I couldn't be happier with knowing I gave this problem my best shot. For those of you who are tackling with the emotional problems associated with hairloss (the occasional girl at the club who calls you 'baldy' and the subsequent pride issues), just know that despite all the superficial baggage, you are the only one who can determine what makes you happy. When my doctor and I agreed that a teenage hairline may look good for a few years, it would look bad in the future, I knew I had found the right surgeon. Some of you appear to want to look like a teenager again, and I suppose that is fine, if that is what you want. My advice to my fellow young sufferers is to first establish what is that you want, then figure out if it is possible. If you want a decent hairline, understand that most treatments won't fix that. However, don't despair if you feel like nothing can help you, because happiness is a choice, and fortunately for us young guys, so is hairloss.