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03-10-2012, 12:44 AM
I'm not really worried about balding, I've had a shaved head many times before. Or course it'll look shittier if I have a bald patch. Anyways, what do you guys think about my situation? Is this normal balding?

I'm 29 and I've had a really thick hair for most of my life. I started losing hair more 4 years ago after a heavy drinking period when I was "studying" abroad (probably not related anyways). Since then my two crowns have thinned more, but at a steady pace every year. Also my my hairline has receded quite a bit.

I've had a health check a couple years ago and everything was ok. My dad has hair. His hairline receded at my age but has been there since. One of his brother is quite bald (maybe norwood 5). Also one my mother's brothers is very bald (norwood 7). So the genes are there. There are still two more brothers and they all have hair.

Hmm, what else... Don't really know the "getting bald" signs that well. YM scalps still moves a lot, should it be firm? Sometimes my crown area is a bit itchy but that stopped when I got a good shampoo and a conditioner (my skin and hair are a bit dry, I live in north Europe).

Guess I wanna know if I should go to the doctor and get some stuff checked out? Or just continue living my life and get bald :cool:

Tracy C
03-10-2012, 10:02 AM

If it bothers you, go to a doctor and start treating it. Then live your life.

If it doesn't bother you, do nothing about it. Then live your life.

03-10-2012, 11:06 AM
Good advice from tracy, as usual. If you start treatments (Propecia and Rogaine) then you could dramatically slow the process and perhaps even fill in those twin crowns. If you genuinely don't care how bald you get then there's no point in spending the money.

The twin crowns are kinda interesting, by the way. I've seen that before but it's uncommon to see two defined bald patches like that. It makes me wonder about the biology of hairloss and how it relates to the patterns that form.