View Full Version : Confused about ukfinasteride

03-07-2012, 07:05 AM
Hi all,

I emailed ukfinasteride to enquire about getting less than 6 months' supply of 1mg finasteride. The reason for this is firstly, I'm going to be dosing at 0.25mg and secondly, I'm still cautious about side effects.

I offered to pay £85 for 3 months' worth, which I consider a fair premium on the price of £145 for 6 months supply.

I received the following reply:

Hello Chris,

Please understand it is not a question of accepting an amount of money for the medication. It is about being able to provide a reliable service that does not put us at a financial loss. As I said before the state of the economy and such high spikes in oil/ air freight charges has made finpecia more costly.

We cannot accept anything less. We will see if we even will bother with finpecia over the next few months as it is becoming very costly to import in and supply.

I don't understand this. Other sites offer monthly supplies and the last sentence makes no sense at all - surely patients are usually happy to absorb any additional costs for importing the drug. And as they no doubt import in bulk, how bad can these costs be? Furthermore, what confidence can I place in buying something I may need for the rest of my life, if the company I'm buying from suggests they may stop selling it soon anyway.

I must further add that I know that it's possible for me to buy the drug elsewhere at a cheaper price and in lower quantities. I'm only considering ukfinasteride because it's recommended on this forum and by spex.