View Full Version : Im 18 and Balding fast?

02-10-2012, 10:18 AM
hey im a 18 year old african american male and im confused if im stress balding or MPB, Its weird because ive notice my hairline receding when i was 17, So i decides to grow my hair out to afro to see if my hair line would return and it did weirdly so i was happy for a good 8 months didnt worry didnt stress hair was great.

I play sports alot like soccer and basketball and one day had a terrible accidented
i broke both my front teeth and got depressed and was stressed about how i would fix my beautiful teeth for like 6 months. I decided one day and got a hair cut and notice BAM hairline receded so now i regrew my hair and some of my hairline is returning but alot of thinning on the top and temples are thinning not yet the M hairline but im close !! Im just confused need some advice !!!!

02-10-2012, 01:25 PM
Could easily be MPB.. many young people these days start to loose their hair very early on.. now when I think of it, I believe I started loosing my hair even earlier, even before 17 or 18, I actually never had a proper frontal hairline.

Stress can contribute to hair loss, but if You have male pattern baldness - then stress itself is not the key issue, DHT is the key problem, and its in the genes, Your hairs are programmed to react badly to DHT. There is no real cure at the moment; the 'proven 3 drugs' - take lifetime usage, do not work with everyone and can cause serious sexual side effects, plus they cost money. You can try natural DHT inhibitors - I for example am currently on beta sitorsterol, saw palmetto etc. But remember - any DHT blocker takes huge amount of time to show results - drugs or natural - it might easily take 1+ or 2+ years to see significant improvement, although some slight regrowth might come in the initial weeks and months.

If stress is what worries You, I suggest You to include B complex - 100mg of all B vitamins daily, plus vitamin C, several grams.. Also avoid alcohol, caffeine.. Avoid inflamatory and junk food, processed sugars and fats can mess up Your inner system ! Use anti-DHT diet. And avoid foods which are boosting cortisol - this is the stress hormone..

PS. Sorry to hear about Your accident.