View Full Version : 4rx.com is this seriously legit or not?

02-05-2012, 06:11 PM
Hello fellow baldies or soon to be,

I have read numerous amounts of time that this site is legit from previous users and they showed documents and pictures on their purchase as well as lab tests to prove the pills from this site are legit. With that said, I still still websites claiming its a scam or what not. I've ordered from their before (5mg fin.) about 2 times (each order was about 3 months) and i noticed that my hair fall did stop. But then why are there still sites claiming its a fraud. I got off Propecia maybe 2 years ago. My hair loss recently has been a bit tedious so I'm wondering if either it's because i'm growing my hair out or maybe I need to get back on fin which i don't mind but now i'm a bit scared of this website.

Any one have any experience with this site at all??