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02-03-2012, 12:38 PM
I am very thin throughout the top of my head and have receded temples.

I am too far gone for full thick FUE coverage. I am also not keen on FUT because of the butchery of it.

I was thinking of therefore having a thin coverage of hair transplanted by FUE that would look ok with having hair short (Grade 1 or 2).

Do people think this will work as an idea. Are there other examples where others have done the same sort of thing.

I think this method helps rule out FUT and gets me back to FUE (where I want to be) but although I cannot get a thick coverage with the extent of my loss then a thin coverage that will only really suit short hair may work.

Also with the donor hair being thinned out because of extraction this may help to blend the new hair and existing hair together a bit better.


02-03-2012, 02:44 PM
I think the idea of placing a small number of grafts into a large area of loss with the idea of it looking thicker than reality is a stretch. I've read where people discuss it and I've seen some very questionable photos but nothing in person has ever lead me to believe this is the case.

Fact is, if you have a lot of loss then you will always look like you have loss. It just comes down to the length of the hair that makes it look better or worse (or less or more). This is what I talk about when I discuss the "sweet spot" for length.

Look at my own case. I have damn near 10,000 grafts and when I cut my hair very short, one inch on top or less, it is very clear how little hair I have. The trick is to let the hair get to a length that layers upon itself. Transplanted hair is strong hair (terminal) so when you have a lot of it distributed over a large area the terminal nature of the hair makes for good coverage when layering can occur. If it is not long enough to layer then you can see in between each hair and more scalp is visible. It sounds like common sense but you'd be surprised at how many people do not understand this simple concept.

Your only chance for pulling off the short look is if you have very light colored or blond hair or even better if you have salt & pepper hair, both on fair skin. The lower the contrast between hair and scalp color then the better the coverage looks.

Follicle Death Row
02-03-2012, 04:20 PM
Joe's right sausage. Gray hair works well too and curly hair. I appreciate that most people would like FUE but they may not have the numbers available. However some do the lucky sods. You could neglect the crown and do FUE in the front half but it's rare that a nw 6 can get the numbers though I know for a fact there's a couple of nw6s who have had 10,000+ FUE but they're a rare breed.

I suppose it's possible to start HT with FUE given the unpredictable nature of hairloss and then either go with a completely bald crown if you reach nw5,6 or opt for FUT to fill in the crown.

However I suppose you could strip out and fill in the scar somewhat with FUE. Have a look at Spex's scar repair.

What's the greatest number of grafts from FUE have you heard of Joe? I saw a video of a man in Spain who had 10,700 FUE done. They shaved done the donor. He was nw6/7. Needless to say he had some freak donor.

02-03-2012, 05:15 PM

You're talking about the patient from Dr. Lorenzo in Madrid. That is about the largest session I've seen too. Dr. Lorenzo is good at FUE, maybe one of the best, but the problem with that patient is two-fold. First, Spaniards in general have a higher donor density on average than any other subset of patients that I can recall. The higher the density then obviously the more grafts can be taken out without so much of a moth eaten appearance. The density is that much better.

The second problem however is that in the videos that show this and other results, I see all kinds of FUE scarring. The video in particular that you are talking about shows the back and sides from an angle that looks down on the donor area. This does a lot to hide what the donor really looks like but I can still see plenty of donor scarring. In short, there is no perfect solution.

02-04-2012, 01:37 AM
FUE over 4000 grafts gets ridiculously expensive, 10,000 grafts woaahhh that must have cost a mega fortune.

I think I 'll just have to try and get the coverage with FUT.