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Hair today gone tomorrow
02-03-2012, 07:20 AM
Hey all,

Anyone who takes the time to read and respond to my rambling is king.

I'm new to the forum, but have been trying to deal with my quickly receding hairline for about 2 years now (I am 32). On those hair loss charts I'd say I'm about a stage 3. However, I used to wear my hair in a short buzz cut, and noticed that my entire crown with thinning, making it appear that I am heading towards a stage 6. My father and grandfather are stage 7. I also have very, very thick hair (only in the back now), so I look extra ridiculous as my hair is a ball of puff in the back, and see-through where its stayed at the front.

I have been using Rogaine 5% foam, and that anti-dandruff shampoo that the internet says may have similar effects, for 1 year now and it is doing nothing.

I am not willing to try propecia. I had a bad experience with a medication with sexual side effects in the past.

I am an info junkie so I have a long list of questions and concerns to get started.

1) I like wearing my hair very short (set my clippers at 1 1/2 for those who buzz), and therefore think FUE is a better option than FUT. However, is there any sort of notable scarring from FUE that would be visible?

2) I am in Toronto and would like to go for a consultation for FUE. Recommendations on good DRs?

3) If I get FUE, and my hairline continues to recede, can the procedure be done repeatedly?

4) Can FUE give coverage for a stage 6-7? Has anyone here actually had that many grafts?

5) For those who have had any sort of transplant, how permanent are the results (speaking specifically to those who have had it years in the past)? You see plenty of photos from within the first year, but has anyone seen someone who had a transplant 10 years ago and is still happy with it?

6) I'm sure this is constantly asked, but my research is putting numbers all over the charts. Can anyone give me a basic pricing structure for FUE?

There was more, but I've lost it now. Thanks to all.

Tracy C
02-03-2012, 08:07 PM
Rogaine is only a growth stimulant. It does nothing about the cause of hereditary hair loss, so Rogaine alone can only do so much. If your hair loss is aggressive, Rogaine alone is not likely enough.

The reality is if you are unwilling or unable to take the medication that can control the hormone that is causing your hair loss, you need to learn how to come to terms with losing your hair. Hair transplant surgery can only do so much.

The best research you can do it to go see a doctor who specializes in treating hair loss. This is the right place to look. Here is a link to a locator to make it easier for you.