View Full Version : One procedure of 2139 by Bill Reed, MD

William Reed, MD
01-31-2012, 11:11 AM
This gentleman received a maximum harvest totaling 2139 total grafts including 374 double follicular units. He has very fine diameter hair and demonstrates several points. A postitive point regarding fine hair is that it is easier to have it look natural after the density obtained by one procedure. (His salt and pepper color also helps.) The weak aspect of fine diameter hair is that less hair mass is transferred for each grafted hair compared to bigger diameter hair. Regardless of what the hair diameter is, one procedure is more styling dependent than when a second procedure is done to essentially double the density of grafted hair, i.e., when the density is doubled up, there are more styling options. It happens that this man likes the style shown and it is also the best style for one procedure. Therefore, he will probably not have another procedure. It should be noted that the hairline needs to have at least some recession in the design to go along with the lower density and lower hair mass that results from both one procedure as well as the smaller diameter hair.