View Full Version : 5 month check on 508 FUEs in female coronal browlift scar by Dr. Lindsey McLean VA

Dr. Lindsey
01-31-2012, 08:35 AM
This young lady had a browlift by a local plastic surgeon. Unfortunately her scar widened significantly and even after waiting a year to see if any hair would regrow through her scar, she had a fairly wide scar.

We did 508 FUE’s in August which were placed into her scar. On the right lower part of the scar, it appeared that some of her surrounding hairs got stuck to the FUEs and extracted them in the first week, but otherwise she did well. Shown are 2 month pics where most of the grafts had shed. She stopped by for a 5 month check and has what I believe is about 40% growing.
It’s a bit difficult to accurately photograph the results, but I can see a bare scar “preop” and a scar with some hair in it now. And I expect her to fill in a good bit by the summer.
Dr. Lindsey McLean VA