View Full Version : Dr. Reilly? Strax Ft. Lauderdale?

01-19-2012, 11:33 AM
I am thinking f getting 2,500 FUT. Got an offer from these guys in Florida. Seems as I can't find any info about these guys (I am from NY).
Had anybody hard anything about these guys?

01-19-2012, 02:56 PM
If he’s not on the IAHRS and you can’t find anything about him, stay clear!!! You found the best hair loss forum on the internet to do your research. This is the only honest forum that doesn’t sell hair transplants, or hair loss products. When you do your research beware of any hair transplant site that does FREE online consultations or sells products.
Good luck!

Dr. Glenn Charles
01-22-2012, 10:19 PM
I practice in South Florida no more than 30 minutes from that clinic and I have never heard of that doctor. I do hear they are advertising on the radio every 10 minutes offering $1.25 per graft. Due your due diligence.

02-21-2012, 01:35 PM
I responded to a radio commercial advertising Strax Rejuvenation's Hair Replacement Service (Florida). Strax is a very busy, well marketed clinic that specializes in several different forms of cosmetic treatments. I had a small area on my crown that was thinner than I would like, with my hair being black and scalp white, I had been investigating treatment options available to me. Prior to visiting Strax, I went to see one of the very best hair replacement specialists in Florida, whom I will not name here to ensure that no one confuses this professional Doctor with what I experienced at Strax Rejuvenation. I will refer to him as Doctor A. The important point is that I had a complete analysis and detailed photographs prior to my visit to Strax from on objective party and medical specialist in the hair replacement industry.

I went to Strax Rejuvenation specifically because they advertised a very competitive price on the FUE procedure that I inquired about with Doctor A.

Responding to an advertisement on the local radio station Power 96, in April of 2011, I called the offices of Strax Rejuvenation to schedule an appointment for the advertised FUE Hair Transplant Procedure, which was being offered at a reduced "special" rate. An appointment was confirmed with a Dr. Paul Riley.

I met with Dr. Riley for about 25 minutes, when he explained the options for my procedure. He told me that the latest technology was the F.U.E. method and they had just gotten the "new" FUE equipment (which appeared to be a microscopic drill.) We agreed that the FUE method was the best option so that I would achieve my objective while minimizing scarring. After meeting with Dr. Riley, I met with Elizabeth Villegas, Patient Coordinator with Strax. I was given a formal quotation for FUE Hair Grafts and issued a check for the full amount at that time, The FUE transplant was scheduled for mid-May, 2011.

On that day, I arrived at the place where the surgery was to be performed. After waiting approximately 45 minutes, I was asked to walk from the waiting room to what would be the room where my “procedure” was to take place. According to other experts in the filed, this should have been a sterile environment. In that room were three individuals at the time, an assistant named Carlos and two women. Once I was in the room, after several moments, Dr. Riley walked into the room.

Mr. Riley sat at the table between myself and the window and I heard him say, I can’t work with this. He left the room and did not return for the rest procedure, I have not seen or spoken to him since, he never returned to the room and refused to fill a prescription after the procedure.

As it would turn out, it appeared quite evident to me that no one at Strax was properly trained with the FUE system. After just a few tries at using the FUE method, the assistants and the main person handing my procedure abandoned the FUE methid and began to use a the ancient and very painful "plug" system, which is not the procedure I agreed to. The technicians used a great deal of novacaine to numb my head throughout the procedure.

At the end of an 8 hour procedure, yes 8 hours of total agonizing pain and a procedure that i never signed for, my head had been damaged and was bleeding very heavily and had started to swell severly. Both assistants at Strax told me that it was procedure to not allow a patient to drive home after this procedure, but they told me I could get around it by sending for a cab and just having them drive me around the lot and then I could get into my car a drive home. I took their advise and did just that.

Once I started driving, my head began to hurt, bad. I became dizzy and barley made it home. Once I arrived I spent a night I will never forget. I called a family member and told her to call me every hour because I wasnt sure if I was going to need to go to the hospital or if I was going to pass out from the pain, or even wake up. I actually thought my head my blow up as it was swelling so much. The headache was unbearable. I can say this was the most painful event I have ever experienced. The back of my head was swollen very badly. Read the rest of the story here.