View Full Version : Dr. Lindsey 11 months out from 3300 up front in a 65 year old physician

Dr. Lindsey
01-18-2012, 07:39 AM
Some of you all may recall this case from last spring. Briefly, this patient had 3300 grafts of fairly fine hair, up front and his wife stayed and filmed much of the procedure. Their son, also a physician, made this video:
and he was kind enough to come to a lecture that I gave on hair surgery at the University of Virginia last June (at 4 months postop) to talk with physicians attending the lecture on what its like to be a patient getting a hair transplant.
He’s moved back to the west coast but was kind enough to stop by while on the way to Dulles airport and we got some pictures. Shown are the preop/intraop, 1 week, 4 month, and 11 month pictures. He looks quite good and I suspect will thicken up a little more over the coming few months.
Some people may comment on the relatively sharp hairline design, but that was his specific request. I’d have broadened it out a little.
Also, a fair number of people coming to my office ask what it looks like “behind” the transplant. This gives a good example of the way the transplant gradually ends—not a sharp line of demarcation. It looks natural and can be either left as is (this patient’s choice), or addressed by a second case (as was shown in a case I put up last fall).
Dr. Lindsey McLean VA