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01-01-2012, 04:54 PM
Hi, my name is Shelby and I'm an American currently in Germany, I had just turned 19 this last Spetember and have had some major hair thinning. I didn't begin to notice my hair was thinning until a few months after my high school graduation after I came out of the shower. The thinning is mostly concentrated on my crown, but I have a few patches on the sides that look similar.

Now, balding is common in my family, but more so on my dad's side. I haven't excercising alot because of the holidays, my diet is somewhat poor but rich in proteins and vitamins, and I do get little sleep (only 4-6 hours a night). I don't smoke myself, but have neighbors and friends who do. I also have a somewhat stressful time balancing college, work, and life. I also have problems with keeping my face clean and clear of clogged pores because of how oily it is. And just last year, before I graduated, I had my hair bleached into a skunkstripe (where the blonde hair runs along the center of the head). In middle and high school, I often styled my hair differently everyday: parted one day, then prarted on the other side, then slicked back, then parted in the center, and then done up in a pompadour. My mother tells me that my hair thinning was from overgrooming.

My father and uncles didn't start really experiencing thinning or balding hair until their mid twenties, my grandfathers, in their forties.

I've researched several techniques to restore hair, but most of them seem either expensive, counter-productive, superstitious, or riddled with side effects such as a compromised reproductive system. And before I forget, I try not to take medications as much, because I believe I should only take synhtesized medication for an operation or severe illness. I'm open to any and all suggestions, though, I will give anything medicated such as a pill or creme a shoulder and use something else before I use them.

Tracy C
01-01-2012, 06:30 PM
I'm open to any and all suggestions, though, I will give anything medicated such as a pill or creme a shoulder and use something else before I use them.

Unfortunately, the only products that are proven to treat hereditary hair loss are medications, a medical device and surgery. All the other stuff you may read about is just over priced bottles of empty promises that won't do anything for you at all - except drain your wallet.

The only products that are proven and FDA approved or FDA cleared to treat hereditary hair loss are:

Propecia - or generic Finasteride

Rogaine - or generic Minoxidil

The laser comb.

The side effect profile of Rogaine (or generic Minoxidil) is very mild and well tolerated by most who use it. Minoxidil does not treat the cause of hereditary hair loss though, Minoxidil treats the symptom.

The frequency of the possible side effects of Propecia (or generic Finasteride) is very small. Finasteride treats the cause of hereditary hair loss - but Finasteride does not treat symptom.

Low level laser therapy is expensive and it does not work for everyone. However, as long as you do not have bald patches that have been void of hair for a long time, you could benefit from using it. Low level laser therapy does not treat the cause of hereditary hair loss, it treats the symptom.

This is reality. If you are not willing to use these proven FDA approved/cleared treatments for hereditary hair loss, you need to come to terms with losing your hair. Anything else you are thinking about trying will not help you.

Here is a link to an installment of "The Bald Truth" for you to listen to. Take the time to listen to it.


Dr. Glenn Charles
01-05-2012, 09:06 PM
I would consider a portable laser device. This can be used at your convenience and may help to slow down the progression of you hair loss. The other common non surgical treatments you seem not to be very willing to try. There are no garantees that it will work, but it is certainly worth a try. Also there is Saw Palmetto a nutritional supplement that has been described as a natural DHT blocker.