View Full Version : Affording dutasteride?

25 going on 65
12-29-2011, 11:40 AM
So, I have been using finasteride for more than a year with good results. However I am rapidly approaching the 18-month mark and my understanding is that I've seen just about all the effect I will see from this drug (i.e. it will continue to maintain my hair for several years but not improve it). While I'm happy with the results there are a couple areas I really wish would thicken up, particularly one spot towards the back of my head on the right side that still looks thin and wispy unless my hair is styled to cover it. Just this morning I woke up with bed head and was bummed out by how thin it looks in that area.
Anyway, I have considered switching to dutasteride to see whether it can help, but when I researched the price it strikes me as very costly. Like more than $100 for a month's supply. Holy crap. I am currently cutting 5 mg finasteride tablets into fourths because Propecia is so much more expensive, and I have limited means. Obviously I hope to earn more money eventually (don't we all?) but I don't know if I can realistically hack the cost of this drug for years to come.
I guess my question is whether anyone has found a legitimate source of dutasteride for less money? Please note I am not willing to try anything less than a legit pharmacy (online or otherwise) that requires a prescription... I don't want to risk some fake pills from a scam artist in the far east or anything like that.
I feel like a hobo for asking but I figure it's worth a shot.
Finally, does anyone know whether finasteride might continue showing improved results? I've been on it for 15-16 months I believe. I've heard of people reporting better results up to two years but, when I see how thin this area of my scalp is after all this time on the medication, I don't have high hopes that another 3-9 months will make much difference. Maybe the DHT has just battered that section too much for the fin to do anything about it.
Stupid DHT! :rolleyes: