View Full Version : 7 days Post Ops & some Q

12-27-2011, 05:11 PM
Hello guys
I had my first HT for 4100 grafts on 19th Dec.
It went pretty well & I have clicked some 7 days Post ops pics.
Wanted to share with you guys.

Also I had some concerns/Questions abt what I observe and feel:

1) The healing has been pretty decent & now my head is shedding some of the scabs. I see some hair along with those scabs - which make me conscious.
This started from the 6th day post ops.
Also the density of the hair looks thinner than that after the transplant.

2) I read on one of the threads that by the 8th day the graft is fully secured in the scalp - does that mean that if I apply medium pressure to get rid of a scab which are almost out after this will not hurt the underlying cell ?

Finally let me know ur thoughts abt the HT.

Thanks for all the information and support.


Tracy C
12-27-2011, 06:32 PM
When I had my transplant I was told to be very gentle for the first 10 days, including not allowing direct water pressure from the shower head to hit the area. After 10 days I could go under the shower normally and I could gently work on the scabs if needed.

It is normal for it to look like there is more density for a day or so post op. Then as the blood and scabs wash away you start to see the actual density briefly. Then the hairs in the grafts shed and go into the rest and recuperation phase.