View Full Version : Realistic expectations from Propecia and Nizroal 1%?

12-24-2011, 02:41 PM
Hello everyone (and merry Christmas eve).

You may remember a topic I started about a week ago about acquiring Propecia. After a visit to my family doctor, I got a prescription for Propecia 1 mg and went out and bought some Nizoral shampoo (1%).

I am a 21 year old male with fairly minimal hair loss at this point. I am a beginning NW2 with miniaturization into a NW2.5/ 3 pattern. The miniaturization indicates that I will go past the "mature hairline". My father is 42 with a NW3 and has had the same hairline for around 17 years.

Considering these facts, what should I realistically expect from the Propecia/Nizoral combination? (based on what you guys may have seen..would really help to get a doctor's answer, but I'll be more than glad to get replies from anybody)

-21 years old, NW2 miniaturizing into NW3
-Have been losing hair for no more than 2 years; it has only become noticeable to me in the past year.
-Have been taking Propecia for 6 days now..am aware the absolute earliest results would be seen at around 6 months
-To my knowledge, I have no thinning on the crown or beyond the NW3 pattern as of right now
-My father became a NW3 in his 20's and has kept the same hairline into his 40's..around 17 years
-Nobody above NW3 in my family except for my paternal grandmother's brother, who is a NW7 in his 60's.
-Maternal Grandfather (71) and Uncle (40's) are both NW3, high hairlines with no crown balding.
-I can actually still see an outline of a NW1.5-ish hairline across much of my forehead..although some hairs at the temples have miniaturized to be around 1CM long, I have very few hair follicles that seem to be completely done producing hair. There may even be vellus hairs all across my juvenile hairline at the temples.

I know that Propecia isn't "typically" supposed to work for regrowth on the front hairline or temples, but given all of the above facts, what should I realistically expect from following through with the medication, assuming I am indeed responsive? From what I've read across the forums, it seems that I have done the right thing in taking Propecia at this early point in my hair loss. I would like to know more about what to expect in my individual situation, though.

I realize that NW3 is not the end of the world, and is just the beginning of true hair loss.. but it would be great if there was even a slight chance that the Propecia could revive the miniaturizing hairs and possibly help me keep a NW2 at least through most of my 20's. I'm ready to be able to quit worrying about my hair. I know I have minimal hair loss and thus shouldn't be so worried, but with my age and the uncertainty of my hair's future, it's hard not to worry. It's also a bit saddening to see pictures of me from 2 years ago with full forehead coverage (I always wore my hair long), and to see a lot of my older friends with the hairline that I used to have.

Thanks for the read, patience, and any future help.