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12-22-2011, 10:32 PM
I have so many questions and I hope you bear with me because searching for answers on this forum is very confusing as it seems there's so much jargon I just simply don't understand.

I'm 26 and losing my hair everywhere on my head. I tried minoxidil didn't work, just took all my money. Never tried propecia, heard about the side effects and never bother tried not even thinking about it.

So recently I shaved my head and it was terrible, everyone said I look aweful I add too many years to myself and that I should grow my hair back out...
unfortunately I probably only have about 2 years left with my hair (thanks to my barber I managed to look pretty good for the last 5-6 years that I've been losing my hair). Maybe with toppik I could stretch it to 3 at the most, but honestly I don't intend on applying it every day and so I don't want to have "bald days" and "hair days".

My problem is I always thought it wouldn't matter so much for me being bald. But now that I shaved it off I understood that it'll hurt me more than I imagined. I always had boyish charm and because I look like a kid (with hair) it really worked for me. Same charm with my bald head just doesn't get the same reaction. and now I'm afraid of losing my personality.

So tell me, hair transplant, I understand is a bad idea because I don't have enough hair on my head to cover the whole top of my head. Also head that if you do the transplant you can never shave it off? is that true? why?

Are there good non surgical procedures? I read terrible reviews on HCM? is there an alternative that actually works for people?

What else can I do besides trying to get jacked and waiting to shave it all off?

12-23-2011, 12:02 AM
sorry buddy.. there is no viable cure for this disease. try buzz cut (wiffle). regardless of how much hair is left, in my opinion, it's better than shaven look. if u have enough hair left go on propecia to retain them.

12-26-2011, 09:17 PM
I know how you feel, i've been looking at something called hair simulation. I'm personallly not sure about it, but maybe you can research it yourself.