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12-16-2011, 01:43 PM
Hello, I am in the midst of finalizing my decision as to which hair transplant physician I will do my procedure with. I would most like to have my procedure with the surgeon who is known to have the highest quality hairlines that are the most low and most dense. My research has taught me that Dr. Rahal is the most ideal physician that embodies these aforementioned attributes. It seems that the other doctors who are equally as skilled as Dr. Rahal do not provide the same amount of density and also do not lower the hairline to the same degree.

Lately I have been attempting to decide between Dr. Rahal, the Alvi Armani clinic, and Dr. Feller. I am close to choosing Dr. Rahal over the other two because I have recently heard many negative things about the Armani clinic regarding poor results and misleading practices. I feel that I would be better suited as to choose Dr. Rahal over Dr. Feller because I have heard that Dr. Feller, despite being a brilliant surgeon, is more conservative than Dr. Rahal so I suppose that the hairline that Dr. Rahal would give me would be more dense and lower than the hairline that Dr. Feller would give me. Am I correct in choosing Dr. Rahal over Dr. Feller and every other doctor given the fact that I want to attain the lowest and most dense hairline possible?

Is there a surgeon who is as gifted as Dr. Rahal who is known for providing a low and dense hairline just as good or better than Dr. Rahal?

Any input on my questions will be greatly appreciated as this is a big decision for me. Thank you.

12-16-2011, 02:13 PM
I think you have answered your own questions. I'm booked with Rahal in February after exhaustively researching.

Follicle Death Row
12-16-2011, 03:46 PM
Dr. Rahal definitely fits your criteria. He offers both FUT and FUE and I was making the point the other day that if someone stripped out and they still had some hair greed for the crown then they could tap into FUE. By the sounds of it you have done some good research.

12-20-2011, 07:46 PM
Balding30, I had my surgery with Dr Rahal today and I must say that the experience was nothing short of exceptional. I'm sitting in my reclining chair now typing this with little to no discomfort. The whole experience up to this point has exceeded my expectations two fold, now the wait and hope for good growth!

In regards to your questions re hairline and density, I can only comment on my own experience and also of a couple of other guys who I met who've also been through the surgery with Dr. Rahal. From what I saw from the other 2 gents I met their hairlines and density were what some may call somewhat aggressive, but this is what suited the clients needs/wants and also what Dr Rahal believed to be the design which would suit there face- both these guys were Italian and low hairlines seem to suit the Europeans very well. One of the guys had 4000 grafts and the other 5000.
I on the other hand am of Caucasian descent and Dr Rahal believed/recommended (and I agreed) that my facial structure didn't require such an aggressive hairline as the aforementioned. Although I did request some density in the front and he was happy to accommodate this request.

If I could be of any other assistance to you, I'm glad to answer any other questions you may have. Hope I've helped in some way.

DreamBig :)