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12-14-2011, 02:48 PM
I just got a procedure done at Bosley 3 weeks ago and wouldn't you know it after all my research beforehand it is now afterwards that I am seeing so many negatives online after I had it done. It seems that all the positive things I see online are connected to doctors and hair clinics and all the negative stuff is from patients on blogs and forums and websites that had a procedure. I see stories of botched procedures, pain, numbness, and things like that but also stories of the transplanted hair falling out over the next couple of years after the procedure and damage done to good hair causing it to fall out also. I have seen just a few of these stories where guys end up worse than when they started. I am wondering if there are guys out there that can verify this or come here with stories of their own. Is it common to end up worse afterwards than before you started?

David s
12-14-2011, 09:24 PM
I went to bosley 4 months ago with thinning hair on the top and had 2969 grafts.two weeks later all the hair on top of my head came out including the grafts,,,now I really was bald and only thinning before.i was told it was shock loss and would come back.i was really freaked, it appears that it is all coming back and my doc said it would be worth the wait.thats the hard part,,,waiting seems to take forever,I also take 2.5 mg of a small oval blue pill and I am using rogane ,hopefully to speed it up.i guess I will know over the next 4 months but I feel a lot better seeing and mostly feeling the hairs back on my head.i think what I got back first is the hair I lost to the shock loss and can now feel the little stubs of the HT coming in.i will let you know what happens over the next 4 months.i can not figure out how to post pics or I would show you what is happening.But hang in there like me,I have a 3 month start on you and the hard part is waiting but I am optimistic from talking to my doc and guys posting here that it will work.

12-15-2011, 03:52 PM
Thanks David. I hope you can post some pictures here. I would be very interested in seeing what your hair looked like before the procedure and what it looks like now. Just below I see under additional options a box for attaching files. If you load the pics onto your computer I am sure you can use that to post them. I also hope we can stay in contact here to keep each other informed as to how it is going since we both went to Bosley. Where are you located and which office did you go to? I am a little concerned because I feel I rushed into this and now hear so much negative online about Bosley. Sometimes I think I may be nuts because I actually have a great head of hair compared to most guys my age with just some thining in my crown. The doctor convinced me I was thining from front to back and I had 3000 grafts done. 1000 in front, 500 on top, and 1500 around the crown. I am wondering if I did the right thing. You telling me after 2 weeks all your hair fell out because of shock scares me. First the pain in the donor area lasted a lot longer than people said it would. Bad for almost a week and still today sensitive if I touch it. Now I am just about 3 weeks post surgery and it doesn't seem as any of my previous hair has fallen out but I get quite a bit of little white specks coming out which I guess are the hairs that were transplanted. Going into this it seemed easy but now after reading so much online it sounds as if this whole transplant thing is filled with tons of questions and no straight answers. I see from other people that this shock fallout can happen anywhere from after surgery to a few months after. If all my hair were to fall out I would be devastated.

12-15-2011, 05:28 PM
Sometimes I think I may be nuts because I actually have a great head of hair compared to most guys my age with just some thining in my crown..

How old are you , if I may ask ?

12-15-2011, 09:10 PM
I am 45 years old and the thining I have in my crown area has happened slowly over probably 10 years or so. Why do you ask?

David s
12-16-2011, 12:08 PM
I am 45 years old and the thining I have in my crown area has happened slowly over probably 10 years or so. Why do you ask?

Hi Jimmyhair
Sounds like we are on the same hair trip. I will try and post some pics tonight. I used Bosley in Richmond Dr E Epstein, I liked the doc but like you I did my research after the fact. I just turned 60.the hard part is waiting but I think it will turn out ok. Everything the doc told me do far is happening but like you I am worried after reading so of the HTs that went bad. I think that is the minority. And I went to Bosley cause I assumed that is all they do so they must be the best. Bottom line depends on who your doc is , you can get a good or bad with any outfit. I think I had a good one. After 8 weeks you should not have any more discomfort in the donor area but the top of my head is still numb. I think I had almost the exact same HT as you did. I hope to be able to post the pictures for you as I move along. David

12-19-2011, 07:21 AM
Ive read sites where Dr's are somehwat reluctant to transplant in the crown first .
The theory being to concentrate on the front 1/3 to 1/2 and leave the crown to the end
You don't want to run out of donor area and not have enough left to do the front ...i.e the hairline

01-18-2012, 10:15 AM
Hey David S, How are you doing? I see you haven't loaded any pics but then again neither have I. I am going to see if I can find the time to take some since non of my hair is growing in yet at almost 2 months. It would probably be the same as a before opt picture although i do feel after carefully examining my hair in the mirror every day that I may be a little thinner than before the surgery. I don't know if I can use the words shock fallout since it doesn't seem to be bad and a few hairs in the sink and shower are suppose to be normal as they say you lose 30 to 50 a day naturally. Its hard to say right now how I feel about the whole thing as I seem to be in the holding my breath waiting period. Its too early to say if it is going to go well and even though there are so many horror stories online I am very relaxed right now. My scalp still feels weird in spots and I am wondering if it will ever be back to normal again but of course I just worry about the results. I am hoping I can see hair growing soon. Its hard to see all the placements since I have hair everywhere already except the very tip of the crown. When did you first notice yours growing in and could you tell if it was coming directly out of the grafts or from the shock loss area?

David s
01-18-2012, 10:40 AM
Hey jimmyhair
I am at 5 months now and looking good,it is all coming back like the doc said and if this is only 20% I will be real happy.my doc said keep the faith and even though hard to do he was right. Can't tell if ht hair or shock loss coming back ,some has to be ht because I now have a much better front hair line that I lost before the ht. I still don't know how to load pics that will really tell the story. Can you tell me how to do that from my iPhone. Hang in there it will come. I was told 5-6 months and what I difference, you got to see the pics maybe I can send to your email ,,, I know how to do that if you give me your email.

01-20-2012, 06:58 PM
Hey David you can send them to me at jgargano11@wideopenwest.com. As far as posting photos here you can look right below the box your typing in once you reply to thread as I am doing now and you will see a box that says attach files. If your pictures are on your computer they should pop up as soon as you hit attach.

David s
01-28-2012, 10:42 PM
Hey Jimmyhair
My Emil is dsomers8@gmail.com
I will try and send u some pics tomorrow