View Full Version : 10 months on Fin, 5 months on minox 10%

12-09-2011, 09:31 PM
I am 26 y/o from India. My hairloss started becoming noticeable when I was 23 but I didn't mind much about it as it was not that bad. But gradually my hair started to thin and started showing the scalp when I look in the mirror after shower. So I went on to a dermatologist and she prescribed the big 3. I have been on finasteride for 10 months , minox 10% for 5 months (once at night) and have been using vitamin capsules and keto 2% shampoo regularly. However my hair thinning seems to be getting worse and I loose a lot of hair on top when I run my fingers through my hair during mornings and especially during showers. My right temple hair has been receeding and thinning at an alarming rate.Now I can see my entire mid scalp when my hair is wet. I have been using finasteride by brand name Fincover for all the 10 months. Only recently (in December) I started on a different a better known brand called Finapecia. I got my hair shortened in the hope that it would reduce my hairloss but sadly it hasn't. Please suggest me what I can do as I am clueless now and stressed about it literally every minute every day. Is my stress the cause? Am I still in shedding phase considering I started using minox much later than finasteride? Should I go off the medication or how long should I wait? Please Please give me some advice :(

12-09-2011, 09:34 PM
sorry Just realized I posted in the wrong thread. I posted it in the right place