View Full Version : donor area density

12-01-2011, 08:38 AM
Just about to book a transplant for next month or feb, but i'm now concerned about my donor area at the back of my head. I was going to upload an exciting video of me combing the back of my head! but i guess i can't upload a video clip so i'm attaching some pics of the back of my head.

i had a consultation last feb and was told my donor area was good (it was just a quick visual inspection by the doc however) and other posters on this board and others have said it looks to be decent.....as you can see there's a bald strip on the back ( i don't believe it has changed much over the years). the bald spot just about reaches the small protruding bone at the back of the head. would the strip be taken from above this bone or below it? If taken from above then the strip would run right across an area that as you can see in the pics is thinning...I've noticed in the pics that i've seen that usually the strip is taken from just above the top of the ears, why is this? can't the strip be taken from at the bottom of the neck? that would be less easy to detect

Should I go and get a proper test to see if the donor area is minaturizing before i go and reserve a surgery date?