View Full Version : Raymond Konior, MD - 2000 Graft Frontal Restoration

Raymond Konior, MD
11-27-2011, 05:21 AM
This 43 year old patient gave a history of having undergone a singe minigraft session in the frontal scalp about 5 years prior to his presentation to my office. His main concerns were low density and unnatural looking grafts in the previously treated frontal scalp region. His primary goals were: 1) a modest frontal density enhancement; 2) softening the appearance of the minigrafts; 3) avoiding shock loss; and 4) an inconspicuous recovery - i.e. not shaving the recipient site. He underwent a session of 2000 follicular units into the frontal scalp region. Attached is a short video clip that demonstrates how a relatively conservative density enhancement was able to provide a significant cosmetic improvement in the old graft zone.