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11-24-2011, 10:43 AM
I have had a frontal receding hairline since i can remember. Umm and I noticed im shedding lots of hairs in the past few weeks..does shedding occur at intervals or is it cause i'm actually balding. I Attached a few pics of the back of my head to see your opinions if it is thinning or not.

Is propecia same thing as finpropecia and is it safe...the site is down so i can not see what it is made of. Iv heard they conducted a study with a 2 percent chance of getting side effects with a sample of 3000 people roughly. So if this number increases to 3 million then that number jumps to 60 000. Makes you think.

i HAVE ALSO HAD TESTICULAR CANCER--- when i was 21...now im 26...so going on propecia kinda scares me cuz i heard it can bring back cancer at an aggressive rate...im not sure if prostate and testicular are coorelated.

Can anyone suggest a regimen..i heard minoxidil is good but how do you put the liquid on the front of the hairline without it dripping. Sorry for all the questions but im new to this and have a huge exam coming up ...CFA..but this hairloss is bothering me. Kind of relieved a bit after typing this out.

I remember my girl i just met saying how she cant picture me without any hair..2 months later im shedding... that's some ironic bullshit right there. Plus my brothers and dads have all perfect hair...have to love moms genetics!

I attached some pics for reference.



11-26-2011, 06:59 AM
At 26 that's brilliant hair you have their mate! I dont see any evidence that your hair is thinning? At the edge of your frontal hairline and at your crown region notice if those hair are thinner than hair at other regions of your scalp.. from the pictures posted I don't think that's happening .. in my view you do not have MPB

Testicular cancer? Was it malignant or benign? How was it diagnosed? was it prostate or actual testicular(like lance armstrong)....Either ways I think you should consult a doctor on this regard. None of us are qualified to comment on that! Though I thought propecia intake actually prevents prostate cancer in your old age!


Tracy C
11-26-2011, 08:26 AM
Can anyone suggest a regimen..

What you are showing us in your photos is a normal mature male hairline. The mature male hairline is one of those physical characteristics that differ between males and females. Females normally do not develop this hairline pattern. Males usually do. The rest of your hair looks fine to me. However, if any of your relatives from either side of the family have hereditary hair los, you can as well. Try not to freak out over it because stressing out over hair loss can make your hair fall out. If it bugs you, you need to see a doctor who specializes in treating hair loss. They are out there. Here is a list of IAHRS doctors. Maybe one of them is near you.


As far as a treatment regimen goes:

I don't see a need for Rogain (or generic Minoxidil) in your photos. However, it wouldn't hurt to get some Nizoral shampoo and use it in place of your regular shampoo once a week. Nizoral is available in two strengths, a 1% over the counter version called Nizoral A-D and a 2% version that requires a prescription here in the States. Make sure to also use a good quality moisturizing conditioner almost daily.

Propecia is Finasteride, which is by prescription only so you need to talk to your doctor about that. There are generic versions of Finasteride available (Finopecia & Fincar). Talk to your doctor. Do not buy it on the grey market.

My Sister and I have both had good experience with the laser comb. You might too. The laser comb is expensive and it doesn't work for everyone though. My sisters husband is a stage 5 and he has been using her laser comb. He has seen a little improvement but not much. One of our brothers is a stage 6. He tried my laser comb for six months but saw no improvement at all. It takes about four months to determine if using the laser comb is going to do anything to improve your hair.

Start taking really good care of your hair if you are not already doing so. When you wash your hair, do not scrub vigorously. Gently massage your scalp with the pads of your fingers. When you dry your hair, do not rub vigorously with the towel. Gently pat your hair dry with the towel. When you detangle your hair, do so gently with your fingers first before you use a detangling comb. You need to be very careful with your hair when it is wet.

Take extraordinarily good care of your body as well. Eat healthy, drink plenty of water, get plenty of exercise and get plenty of sleep. Poor nutrition, lack of sleep and stress can all trigger hair loss, even if the gene does not run very strong in your family.

11-26-2011, 03:47 PM
thanks for the advice! umm it was testicular and yes what lance Armstrong had! Its gone now so thank God. I actually had a part of it cut..:/ but all is good well..did not affect anything in the end.

I have uploaded a another pic..this one i think you will see a bigger difference...its hard to put my hair up just cause it is thick...but im sure you can see the thinning in the frontal part....if not I'm hallucinating. I am experiencing extreme shedding though.

I was actually thinking using rogaine on the frontal. Any other thoughts on this new pic...if not then i will stop.

Thanks so much!

Tracy C
11-26-2011, 07:47 PM
I was actually thinking using rogaine on the frontal. Any other thoughts on this new pic...if not then i will stop.

It still looks like a normal mature male hair line. If this is really bugging you, you need to see a doctor who specializes in treating hair loss.

I do not know if Rogaine (or generic Minoxidil) can defeat the normal mature male hair line. I'm not sure if anything can stop it.

11-30-2011, 06:42 PM
soo one more question..waht to do with all this shedding...its not stopping.....if i go to the sink and rub my hair for like a minute i can count like 25 hairs in the sink..this cant be good sign.

Tracy C
11-30-2011, 07:46 PM
It is normal for human beings to shed up to 100 hairs per day. Some days you could shed more, other days you could shed less. Shedding is a normal part of the hair cycle. It is when those hairs get progressively smaller, that's when you've got a problem.

Counting hairs will drive you crazy. Don't do that. Don't run your hands though your hair to make hair shed either. That is just plain mistreating your hair. At this time, it is best for you to see a doctor who specializes in treating hair loss. I highly recommend you chose a doctor who is an IAHRS member. Here is that list again.