View Full Version : Interview with Hair Transplant Specialist Dr. Rolf Hoffman on recent breakthrus

11-22-2011, 10:57 AM
For over a decade, leading hair biology scientists. Dr. Rolf Hoffmann and Dr. Kevin McElwee, have been studying the potential of dermal sheath cup cells to spark hair regeneration and the rejuvenation of miniaturized hair follicles. Hoffmann, RepliCel’s Chief Medical Officer, discusses his research, the process of developing this treatment, and the critical steps the company is taking along the way to ensure that it is successful.

11-22-2011, 11:29 AM
Yeah, I've got a lot of respect for Drs. Hoffmann and McElwee. He's not a hair transplant surgeon though and thank God he isn't; that probably explains why he's looking at a solution for hair loss that is not based around surgical transplantation. Those doctors though are very knowledgeable and I've seen numerous accolades presented to them, and scholarly articles that they have written. Cellular hair regrowth is really the way of the future and worth pursuing more than anything, since the growth results have a great potential to be unlimited and not limited by how much hair you can move from one part of the scalp to the other. And the best part about potential cures like those of Aderans, Histogen, and Replicel is that even if they don't work, you're not majorly scarred for the rest of your life.