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11-19-2011, 03:23 PM
Ok so I've had long curly hair since I was 14 now and everyone always commented on how nice my hair was and how they wish it was theirs. Then I started working with a man in his late 20's who was balding. Just the idea of that scared me so one day i got a mirror and looked at my crown and immediately had a panic attack. Both my parents told me I was over reacting and that it only looks that way due to how I part my hair, and that it was just the whorl.

I managed to semi convince myself that they're right but the scare has never left me and every few months I start to panic and think I'm balding again, so I figure i may as well come here and get an answer.

My dad does have a baldspot on the crown but he's 60 and said it didn't hit him until he was 40.

Please let me know if I should be afraid or not, also my hair is really frizzy so if you need new pictures just let me know. Also my scalp is kinda red, it's always been like that no matter what I do, not sure why it's not itchy or irritated and I don't have dandruff.

11-19-2011, 03:44 PM
Oh I feel I should mention that my hair is quite strong, it doesn't fall out or anything I can even tug on it and none will come out.

11-19-2011, 04:37 PM
You may be thinning slightly at the crown, but you are thinning on the top and at the front hairline imo. I know your hair is important to you (mine is too) so I'd suggest looking into propecia to help stabilise your loss.

Good luck.

11-19-2011, 05:41 PM
I'm wary of drugs like Propecia. I heard that there is a small chance of impotence and sexual dis-function. And as a 20 year old guy who still hasn't had his first girlfriend I can tell you those things are very important to me.

I read things about Rosemary & Olive oil helping in very small ways and something about a product called Revivogen that has no side effects. Does anyone have an opinion on those.

Also the first pictures were about 10-15 minutes after i had showered, here's a picture of dry hair, fortunately my hair is very "busy" which helps hide the thinning along the part. I love my long hair but I've been debating cutting it so there will be less strain on the part.

I'm really just trying to calm myself down, I've wasted a whole night just stressing out, which is something I know is also bad for you hair.

Tracy C
11-19-2011, 06:21 PM
I read things about Rosemary & Olive oil helping in very small ways and something about a product called Revivogen that has no side effects. Does anyone have an opinion on those.

The only products that work to treat hereditary hair loss are:

Rogaine - or generic Minoxidil.

Propecia - or generic Finasteride (for men)

Anti-androgens (for women)

Low level laser therapy

These treatments above do not work for everyone. Some people will get results from one or more of these treatments, while others will not get any results from any of these treatments.

Poducts such as Revivogen, Nioxin, Provillus, Avacor, ScalpMED, TRX2, Promox etc. are all just over priced bottles of empty promises. None of them deliver on that empty promise. They or little more than generic Minoxidil with "other stuff" mixed in that are no more effective than plain old generic Minoxidil, if they contain Minoxidil. Everything else is just a scam.

11-20-2011, 05:58 AM
Dude go see a derm ASAP, it doesn't look like MPB to me, rather a really bad case of seborrhoeic dermatitis! Just to let you guys know, seborrhoeic dermatitis can result in hairloss and thinning (with a damn itchy scalp!)

And btw. why the hell do you have so long hair? Why not cut it shorter? It doesn't look nice at all IMO (but then again it's just my opinion, so no offence :-)

11-20-2011, 10:26 AM
Thanks for the advice Ramazan, I hope you're right about it not being MPB. I realize my hair looks kinda ratty in those pictures, I stopped taking care of it for a while about a year ago, I was thinking about cutting it before I had this freak out. I can make it look better with product, which is Paul Mitchell Flexible Style Sculpting Foam, which I got at a local beauty supply store.

Here's some pics with product in just to get a good comparison.

I have a doctors appointment in a few weeks where I'm gonna ask if he can tell me what it is, or recommend me a dermatologist. I think I may go see a hair stylist sometime today see if they can tell me anything.