View Full Version : Dr. Keller-Chicago/ Correction of electrolysis eyebrow shaping & hairline restoration

Richard Keller, MD
03-02-2009, 05:02 PM
31 year old patient at 4 months post-op who had eyebrow hair loss due to electrolysis and wished to increase thickness of inferior eyebrows and correct lateral shaping. He also requested hairline restoration. 176 grafts were used to strengthen the eyebrow shape. The following grafts were utilized for hair and eyebrow restoration- 349 singles, 200 doubles,1125 three and four hair grafts-1850grafts/4798 hairs. A two layer trichophytic closure was used. I will post a one year follow up photo.



These are immediate post-op photos.

The following are 4 month post-op photos. The last photo shows the 2 layer trichophytic donor closure.

Richard Keller, MD
09-27-2014, 10:48 AM
36 year old patient in office for a 4 year follow-up visit. The patient had frontal framework restoration and eyebrow enhancement. Total grafts utilized were 2,925, approx. 240 of those grafts were used for bilateral eyebrow enhancement. Photos shown are 4 years post-op. Patient's hair loss has remained stabilized and he is very pleased with his results.