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11-12-2011, 10:34 PM
Did I get your attention?

How are you doing? Well I guess I know why were all here so it goes without saying some of you may be a little upset, distraught, unhappy, confused, angry, sad or any other adjective that can be used to describe a discovery like balding.

Im 27 years old, I think i started balding very young, maybe even 16, but I was blessed with a mom who took very good care of me even though I did not take care of myself. (Thanks mom, you know who you are)

When I first discovered going bald, geez, what a life altering event am I right? You would have thought I was the most self conscious, upset, stuck in a life altering paradigm kind of person you could imagine.

My friends would always tell me, "Hey did you know your going bald?" haha, yeah well little did I know how intensely bald I was going. It hit me hard one day when I noticed a picture of me from behind. Someone had captured me at an event with friends. The first thoughts in my head were "Is that me?" and from then on, I knew, I was bald for sure.

Of course im not going to bore you with some detailed version of the more in depth life altering changes I have made since then. But I thought I might summarize some of it, its always good to hear someone's perspective on going bald.

So just to clarify im still bald, I am ultra bald, I shave my head like its going out of style. I do like my beard though so I keep that around haha. But I love being bald, minus the cold wind.

When I found out I was torn between accepting it, just letting it be or doing something about it. If I let it be, I would be this older looking fella trapped in a young mans body. I thought "This just seems weird, should I not appear young in all aspects until I am older?" So I started out on this quest to solve a perplexing problem, I tried natural shampoos and all sorts of natural methods to restore my hair. "Maybe I am stressed?" You bet your bottom dollar!! But I guess I had forgotten how early this had set in, cmon, reversing something as old as this would be pretty difficult. Plus I dont have the money for surgery and in all honesty after trying every natural way I could think of to fix things. I simply did not want surgery.

Then one day, I sat down, with a hair cutting system, a friend of mine had. I buzzed my head. But as I shaved the hair, it revealed to me a different person. Under what was left of my hair there was a person I had not met before. If I could sit down and write a novel on the psychology or symbolism I felt after shaving that hair off, it would describe a dramatic shift in my persona. I had this new lease on life a new man, strong again, smart, confident.

Of course there was a price I paid, but it was a welcome one. My friends, family etc, all were shocked. My mother was more in denial than I was I think. I told her, "Mom I am bald", and her response was simply "No your not". Thing was I was still searching for something. I wanted her to acknowledge it like I had, but she would not. You would be surprised to know that I dont think she has still accepted it, but she has seen me several times since then I keep my head shaved like a peach as much as possible. But I don't press her to accept it, I am beyond caring about being accepted anymore. I am who I am because that is who I choose to be, if someone told me I was a shoebox I would clearly find that hilarious, I am a human. My dad on the other hand always straightforward and smart "You got my head boy, there's nothing we can do about that!" hahaha Oh dad I love you.

After having some low points in my life and feeling like crud, I did something i went to school, paid for the whole shebang myself. Now I work as an artist and have a great life. Things are really picking up for me. I eat healthy, live healthy, enjoy time. I have the love of a wonderful woman. Just when I thought everything was on this downswing and I would never be able to pull myself out of a misery that haunted me for just a few years. I was happy, the pieces fell together. Everything I was working for, I think finally paid off. Of course I'm 27 so I have other plans too, but, as of now, I dont even think about my head. People don't even mention it and when they do, I smile because they always know who I am and I know who I am too.

11-12-2011, 11:00 PM
That is very good, troybdiv that you have accepted this as it is, it shows of your own self-confidence, but there so many other young people that cannot do it in such way (e.g. - me)

11-12-2011, 11:42 PM
When i was younger I never did either, it took time, perseverance and most of all coming to terms with who I am. Let me put it this way, I have been wrestling with this for 10 years, if anyone was to assume it was a change that happened overnight. They would be mistaken.

So the only lesson I can afford from this, is, it may be long, and it may be tough, but in the end I wouldnt be who I am today without the experience of going bald.

11-13-2011, 02:09 AM
I am gratified you came out from it as winner, but i am thinking about will it carry on many years for me to admit this shit , too. Maybe, or not coz i am hopeful of that future treatments.

11-14-2011, 04:40 AM
Im 29 and am close to shaving my head. I have very little hair left but I keep it long and do a combover/combdown. It's impossible to keep it looking ok throughout the day.

But I'm just too scared to come out of the closet as such and can't pull the trigger to shave it. I don't have the courage.