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11-12-2011, 10:00 PM
Hi everyone, my name is Matthew. I am 34 years of age and from North central Indiana near the city of Lafayette.

Like I said in my headline, I do have a story, and it is one heck of a story. My hair loss is only part of it. However, I feel it is needed to include, since any number of factors might go into my hair loss problem.

For starters, since I have been asked at other places and other times, neither of my parents or my grandparents had any issue of losing hair, neither moth or father on either side. Generally speaking, my grandparents kept a full head of hair until their dying day. My parents both have healthy thick hair.

In my case, I started having a small problem with a receding hair line when I was in my mid 20's. However, it was hardly noticeable, so I thought nothing of it.

A couple of years ago however, it started getting progressively worse.

I started by changing shampoo and conditioner. Despite being a guy, I never made the mistake of those "all-in-one" products that claim to both shampoo and condition all in one. Sadly, just changing different brands, it make little difference. I will say though, on a side note, that Suave products did a lot better than some expensive salon brands.

I should also mention that my father, despite still having a full head of hair, did get a full head of grey hair by the time he was 29.

When I started noticing the grey hair, I tried the cheap route for a few years, and went with cheap box color from various brands I got at Wal Mart.

After having a good friend, who became as licensed stylist, I did change that. My hair color is only done at a salon now. However, due to what he told me, it is possible? (I have no idea if he was right or not) that using cheap box colors for years could have over time done any number of potentially had things to the health of my head and scalp.

Now, into my story.

A few years ago, my receding hair line got progressively worse. So, at the suggestion from my friend and stylist, I started using Nutri-Ox shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in. Initially, it did seem to improve things a bit, due to some of my falling out hair, did actually start growing back (although it was usually just a few minor hairs hear and there, it was better than nothing).

Since I don't have any bald spots on the top or the back, I never and still have not used Rogaine, since from what I have read and been told, it does nothing for front receding hairlines.

Now, here is where things get complicated for me.

At the end of August in 2008, I went with my parents to the Barnes and Noble bookstore in Lafayette, Indiana. I am very glad I did, due to the fact I'd likely be in a pine box right now if I hadn't.

While I was there, I had a bleed inside my head on the left side of my brain. It caused me to faint, fall, and break my skull completely through in 3 separate places. Thankfully I don't remember this, but apparently when that happened, quite a crowd gathered. From what my parents tell me, I got quite agitated and potentially violent (I've since been told that is a common effect from a bad head injury). The initial responder thought I was on drugs. Due to lack of any real training in the area (he was a volunteer fireman), and due to the crowd and wanting to show off, he threw me around like I was a rag doll, instead of restraining me or even putting a brace on my neck. The paramedics and EMT thought I was on drugs as well after they showed up.

Again, I might not be here to write this if I hadn't gotten lucky that day.

The ER doctor that evaluated me also thought I was on drugs, and instead of even doing a drug screen on me to verify this, had me shoved off in the back of the ER, since as he said to my parents "had more worthwhile patients" to attend to. He also was considering if I didn't calm down, that he would call the police and have me removed from the ER.

Almost another chance for me to have been in a pine box instead of being here.

Thankfully, a new female doctor that just started her shift, took one look into my eyes, flipped out, and sprinted to find a surgeon. He rushed to my room, took one look at my chart, looked into my eyes, and sent me to have my head scanned. During that time while we were waiting on results, he went ballistic on the ER doctor that was supposed to be responsible for my care. When he was my scanned test results, he dropped his chart and prepped me for surgery right in the ER.

I ended up being in surgery for about 10 hours. After that, to give me time to heal, he put me into a drug-induced coma. I was in the coma for almost 2 months.

When I first woke, I was completely paralyzed in my right side, and suffered what they call Aphasia. Basically, I'd try to say car, or pizza, and to me that is what I thought I said, but instead sailboat or elephant would come out.

Add to that, the first doctor I remember seeing and talking to after I woke up, I was told they found I was HIV positive. He had no idea how long I had it. I personally have no idea who I got it from or when. Prior to the accident, I was very healthy and rarely even got a cold. In a way, that accident was a God send, since I might still not know I have it.

Since then, in addition to physical therapy, I've also had speech therapy, and am on a handful of medication, including my HIV medication.

I am still alive and living, and doing much better than anyone (including doctors) thought I might.

Sadly, my receding hair line has gotten worse. On the plus side though, ,my surgeon did repair most of my skull, and with some almost God given talent, the hair on my side of my head where my skull was removed, you can barely even see a scar and is full of hair still.

Likewise, thankfully, I had some good people puling for me, and I was put on Medicaid and still. On the downside, I am permanently disabled do some some cognitive problems, due to having permanent short term memory problems.

So, there is my story. As I said, a bit of a complicated one.

Currently, if nothing else, as a means to assist boosting my self-esteem (due to having and developing depression problems over the past few years), I am hoping and praying that someone, anyone will actually read my story, believe me that what all I have said is true, and will offer legitimate assistance and advice at helping me with my issue of hair loss.

I have seen a dermatologist, and he put me on a prescription of Proscar, but I had to stop that due to developing a rather bad rash and skin reaction along with a poor reaction to my other needed medication.

I welcome any comments, suggestions, and advice from anyone.

For those who chose to bear with me, I greatly appreciate your time reading my story.

11-13-2011, 03:01 AM
I was so grieved by your story and i really sympathize with you, maybe others from this site will give you good advice, but whatever happens do not let anything succumb you

11-13-2011, 08:16 AM
Hi man, I'm amazed at all the stuff you've been through. I'm glad you pulled through though. Hair loss sucks and there's little you can do to prevent it although there is what's known as the "big three". The big three consists of Minoxidil, Propecia, and Nizoral Shampoo. If I were you, even though it doesn't advertise that it would benefit the hairline at all, start using rogaine or Minoxidil. Secondly, if you do a little bit of research into Nizoral A-D you will see that many people have gotten some promising results from it as far as hair loss prevention goes. It sucks that you had a reaction to Propecia though, since that's pretty much the main line of defense against MPB. I wish you luck man. if you have any questions feel free to ask. If I don't know the question, there are plenty knowledgeable people on here that can help you. I suggest you post in the "Hair Loss Treatment" portion of the forum as well.

11-13-2011, 08:17 AM
Hi imagined truth.

Your story is a horrible one. And I pray everything works out for you.

Just being alive at this point has to give you some encouragement. Your a survivor and obviously strong from within. To survive physical and mental anguish like that, shows a will not possessed by many.

How bad is your hairloss?..I was going to maybe recommend a hair-system, if you go to the right place they can be virtually undetectable. And some people have lived very happy lives with one.

As far as your depression goes. I always looked to hobbies to forget my troubles. I enjoy bike riding and exercise, I find it takes my mind away from everything and allows me to just focus on the task at hand. Maybe you could find something that you enjoy doing?...reading, collecting stamps, video games.......ect

Hope this helps, stay strong.

11-13-2011, 09:02 AM
You have my sympathy, be strong man and focus on other sides of life. Life doesn't end up there and you are still young and powerful to fight it.

11-14-2011, 05:26 AM
Hello imaginedtruth. I am really sorry about everything you have been through... :(

As for one of your problems... If Propecia is not an option I recommend Rogaine and Nizoral for now. New treatments might be coming, but they still have some obstacles to cross...

11-14-2011, 11:27 AM
Thank you all for the comments. It is nice that I was able to get my story out for people. I hope that others do and will learn from me in life that it does get better.

With the therapy and medication I am on, although I do have some occasional speech issues, where I slur words and sound drunk. Likewise, my right hand and arm will never be what it was, but at least it still works. I might not remember yesterday that well, if at all, but my long term memory (it is sorta like if a person goes blind and their hearing becomes very keen) is amazing and more clear than it has ever been.

I could be in a pine box, or in a nursing home with a stomach tube drooling on myself. My initial doctors gave me very little hope of recovering from such a major accident, but I proved them all wrong. It can get better.

As far as my hair loss goes, it is not horrible, but my receding hair line is quite noticeable and gets worse each day. What doesn't help is that I inherited ethnic hair from my mother and her family tree, so instead of a straight and easily to style, it has a odd curl in it and at times (especially with high humidity) looks like someone that stuck their finger in a light socket.

What I keep hoping for is to either find a quality and reputable business to do work for me pro-bono so to speak, considering I am disabled, on a very limited income, and will volunteer to not only to a evaluation of my hair problem, but perhaps also to offer to do a hair transplant so I can find some good hope at having some great hair and offer options to make it more manageable and easy to style.

Honestly, I have tried everything from expensive salon hair products to the cheapest I can come across in order to get and keep my hair doing as well as it can. I've yet to find something that would work well. My stylist friend recommended I run a relaxer every few months to assist with it, but I don't know if more chemicals would help or hurt as that I'm not Johnathan Anton.

11-15-2011, 01:03 PM
I read you story and don't have anything to say except that you have my greatest sympathy for what you've been through. It seems like someone up there is really piling on the problems for you, and I hope this is balanced by some good times in the future.