View Full Version : Eyebrow Hair Transplantation by Dr. William Reed - La Jolla Hair Restoration

William Reed, MD
03-02-2009, 04:09 PM
Here is an example of eyebrow transplantation. This may be interesting for a couple of reasons. This procedure follows a brow lift which the patient felt raised the eyebrows too much to result in a "surprised look", a not-uncommon complaint. After the transplant she had the original eyebrows removed with laser. It's interesting how free of scarring or pigmentation changes the result is. These good results depend upon the color of skin relative to the color of hair.

I think the use of an eyebrow pencil in combination with grafted hair provides women a nice result with the texture of the hair offering an appearance that a pencil alone can't render. A second procedure can be done to thicken the density but the direction of the second set of grafts can be harder to control than is the direction established with only one pass of recipient sites.

The obvious should be mentioned: the transplanted hair has to be constantly trimmed because it continues to grow as the scalp hair that it is.

This case can offer insight into a related question of how well lasers could work to remove the hair of too low a hairline in many instances. This issue of too low a hairline in too young a patient that results in the feared long term outcome of too much crown balding, too low a hairline and no remaining donor to address the situation is a question I hope to address soon in this forum.