View Full Version : Hair Transplant Repair, Can I be Helped?

03-02-2009, 11:40 AM
Hair transplant surgery is one of the most demanding cosmetic procedures performed today. Unfortunately many* physicians performing hair transplant surgery do not do so to state of the art standards. For various reasons, some physicians who decide to enter the field are either unwilling or unable to* learn how perform this labor intensive, artistic procedure [...]

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the B spot
03-04-2009, 06:57 PM
I have found that many people who have undergone poor work at the hands of an even poorer physician lower their expectations and often resort to camouflage via sprays/hair systems/weaves/ballcaps.

These patients are often jaded and reserve a rightful suspicion of all things hair transplant related.

However, for those reading this who fall into this category, do not lose hope!
There are doctors who can repair poor work and return you to a cosmetically pleasing appearance in most cases.

The use of hair pieces in conjunction with a natural, undetectable hairline can provide an excellent result. For clinics properly performing FUE, they can reach donor hair on patients with scarring issues, poor donor density in order to effect some change in appearance as well.

Additionally, the use of body hair (specifically beard hair in my humble opinion) has expanded the donor source for those willing to do a test session to see whether this works for them.

Lastly, there are doctors out there who genuinely care about and feel an obligation to help repair poor work. Seek them out. Ask questions on the internet. Ask to speak to repair patients. Ask to see 10-20 clear before and afters. Above all: You should feel comfortable--if your not, say so!!!!

Great article Admin!

Dr. Glenn Charles
05-29-2009, 11:33 AM
Your situation can most likely be improved as long as you still have some viable donor hair remaining. You must find a physician who is using the latest techniques and allow them to create a game plan for you that will increase the density and restore a more natural appearence. If you post a photo I would be glad to give you a more detailed analysis of your options.