View Full Version : 23 and balding fast evrybdy have a laugh.

11-02-2011, 02:48 PM
(They speak for themselves)

Sorry I couldn't get out of bed to take the pictures but my back is really tight from skating half pipe earlier. First noticed I was balding when somebody pointed it out to me at work when I leaned over. Kinda denied it for a couple months then got some es rogaine used it 5 times a week for a while just cuz I didn't care that much and was always on the run so eventually I I just used it a few times a week. I Play a lot of sports and sweat more than anybody you'll ever meet (not lying)That's besides the point, I'm sure this is mpb but it makes me wonder if it could be something else like I broke my leg in 08 badly and ended up getting a bone infection to the metal they put in so i had to get a permanent I.V. for antibiotics so that added a whole 12 months pretty much to my recovery, and ruined the 14 credits I was 3 weeks from finishing. Or it could be from stressfull BS in my life. HELL IF I KNOW. BTW I'm probably going to go see a hair specialist or whatever next week if I get around to it. My social life has ironically gotten better cuz I always make that my outlet cuz I LOVE when I am not thinking about my balding and thankfully my friends are all funny. That's the first time I've even put my balding in comlete perspective!!!Sorry for the monalouge but I'M ALL EARS!

Dr. Glenn Charles
11-08-2011, 06:38 PM
I do see the thinning in the photographs. I do think it is a good idea that you visit a local doctor. They may recommend Propecia and /or some othe rform of hair loss prevention. The time to get it under control is before you lose to much. Do you have a strong family history of genetic hair loss (male pattern baldness)? Keep up the positive attitude.