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10-28-2011, 06:54 AM
Below is an early result from a FUE treatment by Dr. True. Patient presented with a 3V pattern. The follicular extraction procedure produced 787 grafts for the hairline zone consisting of 168 singles, 397 doubles, and 222 threes. A total of 1,628 hairs were transplanted. The larger percentage of twos and threes is contributing to very good coverage even at this beginning stage, in addition to the quality & caliber of his hair.









Follicle Death Row
10-28-2011, 12:12 PM
Nice result doc. Picking out the best multis seems to be a great advantage of FUE. I have a question regarding hair numbers with FUE; since we can cherry pick the best multi hair FUs with FUE, for some patients would it be possible due to loads of 3s to get total hair numbers close to the total FUT offers?

I have heard people throw out numbers of around 8000-9000FU total available by multiple strips over a lifetime. At 2.2 hairs per FU that's let's say around 18700 hairs transplantable.

I know Dr. Cole believes thinning out a donor by 50% is possible by FUE but I have also heard people say 6000FUE is the upper limit, equating to 30-35% FU from the donor extracted. What would be the best number of 3 hair FUs we could get? Are we looking at about 2.8 hairs per FU by the time 6000FU have been extracted by FUE? In other words 16800 hairs transplanted.

We were discussing FUE vs. FUT with Dr. DeYarman in another thread he started. In your experience what do you feel are the limitations of FUE? Thanks for your time.

John P. Cole, MD
11-03-2011, 08:23 PM
nice work, DR. T.