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10-25-2011, 05:26 PM
I had the surgery done with the VA Surgical Center in April of 2010. This is my second surgery; my first was with Medical Hair Restoration.
I had about 2500 grafts, asking for quite a bit of density in the hairline area and front of the scalp.
It has been over 18 months and you can see my scalp. The hair is not dense like I was hoping it would be.
I paid $6500 for the procedure.
When I went back for follow up, the first time they told me it would take about a year since I had the surgery in the past; that the hair would take longer to come in because of previous scare tissue. However, they did not tell me this info initially. They stated it would take only 3 - 4 months before I would see hair growing in.
Then I go back after 13 months, and they stated it would take more like 18-20 months for the hair to start growing. Well here it is, over 18 months and I don't have a full head of hair as promised.
They also told me they could see "little dots", that my hair is growing in.
They stated they would graft more hair if the hair does not grow; that they guarantee their work.
Well, if the hair did not grow the first time, why would it grow with another grafting?
I feel I am getting the run around. What can be done from this point forward?

Has anyone else had this experience?
or, have you had the postive experience of having your hair grow in a 20 months?
does it really take this long if you have had grafts before?
If anyone can provide help or guidance I would really appeciate it.

10-28-2011, 02:12 PM
Sounds like you got ripped off from a clinic that employs unskilled surgeons. They obviously cannot be trusted as you will have full growth by 18 months.

They "guarantee" you will have another strip scar and more wasted donor if you go back to them.

Time for you to accept what happened to you and start consulting with real doctors with a proven track record. Being ripped off $6500.00 in this business aint bad, consider yourself lucky.