View Full Version : Something I notice about propecia and hairloss

10-24-2011, 03:49 PM
I just wanted to share this, maybe others have noticed or have comments and maybe it will help someone.

My hair was thinning quite bad in my 20's and I learnt about massaging the scalp. I remember my hair was always oily in my younger years but after a few years of thinning, it became very dry.
I was massaging my scalp twice per day; I would put my hands on each side of my head, just above the ears and I would push up and move my hands around to move my scalp. I remember my scalp being very very tight.
When I started on propecia, my scalp started to loosen up so much that I could push my scalp together with no resistance at all.

I've been on propecia maybe 12 years or so, since it came out and the last year or so have been getting diffuse thinning. I hadn't done my scalp massage for a while and when I did it....It had some tightness.
I was holding my hair for all these years on .25 mg propecia.
Because of the thinning and tightness, I bumped up my dose to a full propecia for a couple months and later to a quarter proscar (1.25mg)
The quarter proscar has loosened up my scalp again and although I've only been on it about a month, I believe I'm back on track.

I believe that the tightness of the scalp is a buildup caused by the dht and if a person is on finasteride and has a loose scalp, they are probably saving their hair. I tight scalp can be bad news.

I'd be interested in any comments.