View Full Version : Charles Medical Group, Dr. Charles Boca Raton, FL

10-21-2011, 02:28 PM
Just got back from hair transplant surgery at Charles Medical Group. Nervous to make appointment and go in, but so far so glad I did. Easier than going to the dentist! Cant wait until the hairs start to grow in, placement looks perfect. Dr. Charles was so helpful before via email and phone, during, and already called me after to see how I was doing. After arriving at the office he took all the time I needed to go over all the details and my concerns and expectations of the operation. After that, we agreed on a plan that was best for me, and off to the surgery room, or lounge at that. Flat screen TV, DVD player, cell phone in hand and all, very comfortable atmosphere, even including a break time lunch provided by the office. The only discomfort was the numbing process for about 3 minutes, and now after a headache, in which I have medicine for thanks to Dr. Charles. Price was excellent and they even paid for my travel form PA and Boca Hotel! This was a great decision and Dr. Charles and his staff are friendly, laid back, and excellent at what they do. Thank you guys!

10-25-2011, 06:02 PM
Do you know if the paying on their behalf of your traveling/stay expenses is customary?