View Full Version : Update on PRP and Acell

Dr James DeYarman
10-18-2011, 07:06 PM
I have been using PRP for two years with hair transplant surgery and Acell for the last six months. I inject PRP in the transplanted area after creating the sites. I soak the grafts in an Acell solution with PPP. I also place a 2 mm strip of Acell in the donor site before closing. I also inject Acell solution with PPP in the area behind the area I transplant. Recently on another post there were concerns on the use of Acell with donor closing in that it did not show any benefit and even some cases made it worse. I have found that it improves the results as you can see in the photo of the donor scar at only three months. Every patient that I use PRP that is having a second procedure, are amazed on how much faster they heal when comparing it to the first procedure where PRP was not used. For only three months the photos show a lot of growth but I donít know if it is due to both the PRP and Acell or just the PRP. I would like to hear from other patients that have had PRP or Acell with their hair transplant and what their results were.

Follicle Death Row
10-19-2011, 06:59 PM
I'm skeptical of some of the other doctors' claims about PRP and Acell reversing miniturisation and particularly Dr. Hitzig's claim that it multiplies the number of hairs per transplanted FU, but I do think Acell is could really help with robust growth and you would think that it could certainly have a beneficial effect on FUE yields as it helps to integrate the transplanted FU into the recipient site.

Science wise, what Dr. Cooley says about the autocloning technique only working when placing 'plucked hairs' beside transplanted DHT resistant hairs makes sense, seeing as the ECM facilitates some form of copying mechanism of the adjacent structure for repairing and healing the transplanted plucked hair. I think it would have to be placed beside a transplanted DHT resistant hair to copy a healthy hair follicle. Seems to me from what I've read and heard that with plucking there may be hybrid mechanism of regrowth (neither donor dominance or recipient dominance as the full FU is not transplanted) where the hair takes on some qualities or characteristics of the recipient area.

I still think Acell could be useful for plucking as an adjunct to FUE. For instance a patient could focus mainly on the front half with FUE and sprinkle in enough FUs into the crown that plucked hairs can take on their qualities when transplanted next to them. As many people don't want strip scars but yet are concerned of FUE yield and total grafts available by FUE, Acell could actually improve FUE yield and perhaps facilitate autocloning/plucking to add density amongst transplanted hair (e.g. Midscalp or crown). Perhaps Dr. Bernstein is investigating this. Anyway it's a very interesting topic and plenty of food for thought.