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10-18-2011, 07:38 AM

Just wondered if anyone has tried Prorestora oral and ointment? Any good or just another over expensive useless product for hairloss?


Tracy C
10-18-2011, 03:10 PM
The only "FDA approved ingredient" in this product is Minoxidil.

For that same $50.00 per month, you could buy any store brand generic Minoxidil, Nature's Bounty's "Saw Palmetto Complex" (or another brands equivelent), Nature's Bounty's "Hair, Skin & Nails" multi vitamin (or another brands equivelent) and you would have the same thing. You would have plenty of money left over to use the name brand Rogaine foam in the mornings if you want to.

All three of those products I listed cost less per month and are often on sale. Many vitamin brands go on reqular "buy one get one free" sales. I use Nature's Bounty's "Hair, Skin & Nails" myself - but I only buy it when it is on "buy one get one free" sale.

Here are links to PDF files with the ingredients of the Nature's Bounty products so you can find another brands equivelent if you want to.