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10-13-2011, 07:23 PM
I've been a lurker of this forum and the HLH one since around 06. I'm 25 now, had a mature hairline at 16 and have had life long baby fine hair. I find way too many negative stories of propecia and it scared me away from it, I regret not using it 2 years previous because I'd probably be a NW2 right now. I hope to have a success story to put here to encourage more people to use the stuff, at least a real generic brand and not something from an online pharmacy.

Didn't start Rogaine 2% until Oct2009 or so, seen faily good gains from that, working out and a few supplements. Recently in April of this year had my collarbone completely broken and went for surgery twice in a 2 month period... basically quit the Rogaine as well. The shock from being put under and being off of it for 2-3 months made me shed incredibly to the point where I'm a year away from a NW5.

I've been on finasteride 1mg for 2 weeks now, and Rogaine 5% is coming in the mail. I'm finally making this my last stand and taking it seriously.

As far as finasteride side effects right now, I'm seeing a major increase in libido which isn't working so well for me considering it's was previously very high. Also my semen is thicker, shoots further like a cannon almost but it's very clear now compared to before.


As far as my previous regimen went.
23 years old. 230 lbs
1000 mg saw palmetto time release 2x daily
omega 3,6,9 4x daily
another generic fish oil supplement 1x daily
silicia 1 spoon daily
apple cidar vinegar supplement 1-2x daily
ginko 1x daily
multivitamin, vitamin c
equate/rogaine minoxidil 2% 2x daily
daily 30-1 hour cardio, 20-30 crunches

A year later, lost 85lbs and seen moderate/significant gains in hair growth. I plan on imitating this regimen again with propecia and 5% minox this time around

10-13-2011, 07:55 PM
Thread title, LURKING not luring lol. Can't seem to edit or delete this now

Oh ya forgot to add. Been using Nizoral 2%, 3-4 times weekly