View Full Version : Best course of action when current hair loss treatment does not work

10-09-2011, 03:36 PM

I have been on various anti hair loss drugs for various time frames, but really pushed things in 2 directions: topical spironolactone and topical minoxidil (mainly 5%). Been using them for about two or more years each, and people that do not see my face too often can tell that I am getting only worse. This is the same way I perceive it. Revivogen and Tricomin were also part of the treatment for about 6 months or more each. This has only made me sick and tired of these treatments, they do not seem to work for me. Not to mention the financial side of it. The way I see it, they either work or they don't. Since I have been loosing hair ever since, I would argue they do not work.

My only remaining question is - Would it be possible at all for these treatments to have *slowed down* my balding speed (so that if I stopped now, I would go bald at a faster pace) ?

Thank you

10-09-2011, 04:16 PM

If you are serious about stopping or at least slowing down the progression of your hair loss then you need to consider Propecia. No one can decide this for you so I advise you to do your research. I also used to think that topical solutions were a way of avoiding finasteride and in all honesty, they helped me out for ten years (and I still use Minoxidil) but they simply won't do a great deal on their own. On the bright side, I think the next few years will produce far more effective treatments. Therefore, your goal should be to keep as mush as you can. Good luck to you and I hope it works out.