View Full Version : Question about speed of baldness..?

10-07-2011, 09:29 AM
Seems like all i do is ask questions on here, but everyone is so friendly i thought id pose another question about this....

I know the answer could be similar to how long is a piece of string, but i noticed that my hair was thinning properly around 4 weeks ago. I had a long beatles style cut, and noticed the hair at the sides wasnt coming down onto the fringe as well although i hadnt had the fringe cut for a while. Then panic.....

Since then obviously ive felt like there is no hair there, sides have defo came back and the widows peak is now just a fee hairs from a pic taken 5 weeks ago.

Now... at start i thought it maybe medical, but ive had everything checked and apart from stress im well i think.....

Now i feel the full head is just so sparse re: hairs .. esp at the front in the light its now like there is 20 hairs there...

Can I be going bald this fast within month is the question i am asking? how fast can it happen? is this irregular? i know some guys go bald over many years. Maybe some of it is in my head and its been like this for a while yet the fronts are just thinning a lot.

any help would be great.


10-08-2011, 09:24 PM
Same is the case with me.. long hair that covers forehead. Never noticed it before but suddenly when I moved in to a new place, I noticed it in sunlight that the frontal part is thinning. I also noticed that there are lesser hair there..

I have been on finasterde for about 7 months now and been using minoxidil 10% at night for about 2 months.. not sure if it's helping the frontal thinning.. but I will continue this for a while as I know this is the best that can be done..

10-09-2011, 04:08 AM
yeah very annoying isnt it? still in shock tbh. but on fin like you now. see what happens. the awful thing is ive had grey hair's coming in since i was like roughly 21 and thats very visable now with a shaved head. so within a month ive went from a young looking lad with long beatles style hair to a man with a shaved look with thinning hair and grey. keep me posted how you do.

11-05-2011, 12:25 PM
exact replica of what is happening to me man... but my grey hairs seem to be startin to come now :( ... I plucked one today morning and I was devastated the whole day. Hope it wont come back..

My sides haven't been growing especially above the ears and the side burns... I will probably schedule a complete health checkup the next weekend. Hope something other than my genes is messed as there is a chance to correct it..


11-05-2011, 02:09 PM
Im the same mate, honestly all this has happening within 9weeks, from not even noticing anythhing have having good hair, to now where my scalp is itching and burning everyday, and its simply thinning everywhere, the full thing, and you know what ive not noticed many hairs coming out (i guess its harder now being shorter).

I have had some tests at docs, i mean if it is baldness it is and its happened in 9weeks wow. But i need to see someone who specializes in this and i cant get in until 15th decemeber. I mean is it 100% baldness, its an odd way and speed to go bald this from what ive read not common at all, i mean im on procepia now do i even need to be? totally lost.

Hope your things pick up mate.