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10-03-2011, 01:47 PM
Hello I'm currently receding, my hair line is in the shape of an m it started at 19 and I am now 23 it has really affected my confidence and in turn I believe it has affected my interaction with girls I have tried hiding it and I believe this us the main reason why I must give off a shy and unconfident and this must shine right off me girls must sence it, I have got the clippers on the side ready to take this big step but I am worried what reaction I will get and I think it will regain my confidence as I will not be hiding it any more Carpe diem???

10-04-2011, 12:01 AM
Without knowing much about you, here is a proven way:

- Shave down to clipper 4 or 3 on a Friday afternoon
- See how it looks - maybe you need to shave down to clipper 2
- Spend the weekend "self-talking" that your hair is only part of your whole look
- Get a good tan
- Start to eat healthy and work out (if you do not) it will change your attitude but not your look over the weekend - and it shows...
- Think of all that you have to offer friends/girls - > will give confidence
- Make an entrance on Monday at work/school - put your best clothes on and show it do not hide it... as they are not blind - maybe give a line to the girls before they comment... how do you like my new look?? And no matter the answer - I like it...

Real friends will not care much, and will support you..

All girls like confident men, young girls prefer a good head of hair, but confidence will overshadow that. I have seen many good looking also younger girls fall for the alpha-male, who still did not have money, shaven down and normal look - but he knew what he wanted and showed that he was on top of any situation... you can do a lot with attitude and starting to get fit (if you are not)

Girls above say 27 years old care less about hair and looks. They look more for a confident man, who can provide a future family with job/education/money - so maybe look for older women :-)

Good luck... Enjoy life - its later than you think...

Dr. Glenn Charles
10-04-2011, 08:25 PM
I agree with the previous poster. Your friends should embrase your new look as long as they sense you are happy with it. People who do not know you already will be judging your attitude and personality which can only be enhanced with a show of confidence in yourself.